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Thursday, 18 March 2010



Ha ha ha! That's so funny. This literally cracks me up. Are you really sure you don't want some shoes with butt plug heels? Ha ha. So ridiculous. I can imagine the pervy emails you get, even if I wear my leather leggings I get regular comments.

Dave C.

I never use text speak, but on this occasion I think LMAO, ROFL, LOL and WTF! just about covers it. :-)


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Would it not also be terribly unhygienic to use one's heel as a butt plug? Or perhaps we are not supposed to wear the butt plug shoes out of doors, and must remember to carry a change of footwear.


i am laughing so hard right now
i am sorry for you that you have to cope with those idiots

Queen Michelle

Louise, my thoughts exactly! Think of the germs, or worst still the chewing gum that frequently sticks to the heel of my shoes because the pavements are littered with it! Ew, how would you explain THAT one to the nurses at A+E?!

The Eye Collector

Are shoes and butt plugs not two things that any good dominatrix can afford to purchase as separate entities? I'm just sayin'...


aaaahhhhhhahahahaahahaha, I actually laughed out loud when I read this post... fantastic!! I don't think I'm that conservative, but shoes that double as a butt plug - ew! x


um.... WTF??? I can't even imagine the kind of emails you must get. Although that is pretty hilarious, don't they realize that you can dress the part without having the lifestyle?
Butt plug heels... jesus.


Just wondering if the heel is detachable - or do you have to walk around with the shoe shoved on your ass?

Queen Michelle

Kamicha, no the heel isn't detachable so, eh, yeah would be the answer! That in itself is all kinds of wrong.


hahaha, that really gives the shoe fetish a new dimension...

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Omg, that is so funny! OTOH, If you ever get an email offering you shoes that double as a gag, please pass it on to me. Mr Chatty is getting on my nerves and I often wish I had one...

Queen Michelle

Suzanne you won't actually believe this but another of the designs DOES have a detachable ball gag!!!

Ashe Mischief

I can't help wondering about the health issues involved with shoes that have butt plugs for heels. You couldn't actually USE them, because if you walked on them, even in a "clean" room, they'd still get all sorts of filth & bacteria on them... I can't imagine that'd be healthy for your poor bum!


Out....standing. If only I'd know about this revelation before mothers day.


ha! 'yes nurse, I just fell over without my pants on, and that must be how the gum/muddy leaves/crisp packet got there'. amazing.


Re: "I really have no requirement for a heel that doubles as a butt plug and find it highly unlikely I ever will. But if I do, I'll call you ok?"

Could I ask that you call me first? :)

Just kidding...


Hahaha, that is so funny! It literally made me laugh out loud!! Dear me, some people are ever so strange. I dread to think of the health implications of those shoes! Hahahaha
Clare x


Surely shoes that double as butt-plugs would be butt-ugly anyway?

Roxy Blue

heehee. Better than Nigerian Banking "opportunities" I suppose.


Plus, let's just think about the fact that shoes comes in you would really have two butt plugs...I'm not going any further with this!


Well that's just lovely. Which of us hasn't looked at our shoes and thought: "now, if only I had BUTT PLUG HEELS my collection would be complete." Gah!


ewwwww ahahahahahahaha

Yes, with two boots you can double team two naughty men and shove your heels into them. How wonderful.


That would make kicking ass so much more memorable for the kickee.


Don't say that words obviously, say it or write it on just that manner. :-)


amen - why do people always assume?


i thought everybody spent their evenings whipping young men.


OH MY GOD, WE GOT THE SAME EMAIL TO HAUTE MACABRE!! I haven't stopped laughing at it for days.


this cracked me up!! I'm always getting weirdly inappropriate press releases too. But that has to be the oddest thing ever...


hahaha hilarious! you gotta take it as a compliment.

Prêt à Porter P



Your Majesty, you just made my day! This is SO funny and insane!



Lora Jane

that made me laugh out loud! heels with a butt plug... there must be some sort of hygiene issue there! lol!


oh, i really want to see what they look like now...i do wich you had posted a pic


I think this is actually my favourite KoS post ever!!


hahahahahaaaa!!! what a tube for emailing!


So wrong, but hilarious!

Stephanie Pastel

John Fluevog has a similar style called "Body Part". The message, "Your Body Parts are not Communal Property" is etched on the sole. They're actually awesome:

Mz Max Rulz

all I want to know is where can I buy them.


Total classic stuff
Very funny post (laughed my ass off)

Pepper Wolfwood

I want them! lol I'm a cam model and I think my boys would love them.


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