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Monday, 22 February 2010



Love creepers! And you really suit them :) x


they´re way cool!xxx

Tasha B

these are fucking epic!!!!

Make Do Style

Ah the days of creepers - great find and makes me wish I kept mine from Robot on the Kings Road now!


Where's your hat from M?


aaaaaah, i need a pair of those merely for the height benefits! that would make me feel triumphantly tall!
i like your hair up, by the way, really nice!


more red!!!!! Im also glad to see more experimentation with spottiness and black animal prints. I've been meaning to for a while but being broke has stopped me from buying some black and white cheetah print stuff (I don't like animal print except how you're wearing it right now. and on underwear.)

the side pony tale is great. wish my hair was long enough for it not to look like 80s pompom girl hair.


fuck I love that dress, so Rodarte. We have the same ikea stools,shazaam! I'm a creeper kinda gal... RIP Lux.


i wanna pick up a pair of creepers for a longggggggggg time..!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

Honestly I've never been a fan of creepers. Like you, I probably should be, but I find them akward. This is the first time I've seen them styled in a way that I actually really like. Well done!


Love the shoes on you. I don't think I could pull them off though.


Oh,my queen... it was about time!!!!was waiting for this post!


I like your mesh dress! Pretty))


Absolute gem of a find! Really great pictures as well, you really suit a side ponytail! x


They are perfect! Love the rodarte-esque number, seriously magnificent... and amazing choice of song for the post!!


Love the leopard print on top.


Rad shoes... LOVE THEM!!


These photos are really cool .
Your style reminds me has Rodarte.
Very Punk and I like colors.
You are so talented .

Stacey Kelly

i would NEVER wear those shoes, but they look great on you!!


fall in love with a shooting star...


Oh my god, the look so good with that Rodarte-esque dress. I am horribly envious.


Awesome! I've got a pair of Creepers (hopefully) waiting at home for me, freshly delivered, I can't wait. And you look so fierce/adorable wearing them!


Wowzers. You look AMAY-ZING, LLGxx


any advice for buying second hand shoes? the idea of it creeps me out a bit...

Queen Michelle

Sophie I haven't really got any advice because if it freaks you out then there's not much you can do to overcome it. Maybe if you saw a pair of amazing shoes you'd been lusting after for ages and they were second hand you might change your mind? It doesn't bother me as I've bought vintage shoes loads of times. I always put in new insoles though.


Gasp! These are fab! I adore creepers, it killed me to give away mine but they no longer fit. I had the black with huge white stars...Because, I was a star of course!

Sophie, give them a spray with some lysol inside and out and as Queen Michelle said, new insoles perk them right up!


Massive mega love! Ack, you look AWESOME and those creepers are stellar! Oh, how I want a pair of creepers now . . .


I am going to be completely honest. At the first picture I was like, shit look at those horrible shoes, but then you put them on and they look fucking fantastic. I would look like a chump in them. You rule.

littleatom / margaret

the creepers w/ the b&w squiggly leggings and the red/black/white dress all add up to one awesome outfit, Queen Mich!! i feel like i know that knit dress ~ is it TopShop? seems familiar. anyway, it's a super look.

side ponytail is working nicely as well.


I have the EXACT same pair of creepers in my closet back at my parents house! I wore them to death in high school along with my docs. I bought them at Trash & Vaudville in NYC. This post just brought back so many memories!

I don't think I ever styled them half as well as you have here!


U-NI-TY Paris

You look great, congrat'! We love these creepers!

Mathyld / encore petite

>> Ha ! Once again !
After Front 242, this ...
Ok so I rocked the Creepers for almost 5 years (those same years :
Aaaand "Like a Bad Girl should" was what my answering-machine used to sing :)

x x x


you are awesome.



I love the creepers on you! Who made your dress? it looks like Rodarte.


Are those 3" sole?

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