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Tuesday, 23 February 2010



great! my school director has a jacket like that with this band like a scotch))) that's really beautiful))


They look like they've been eaten. Waste of good duct tape.


I really don't like these... my initial reaction was to flinch... and then squint.






Not the good kind of crazy.


i'm only wearing these if there is a matching shirt.
extreme double denim.


nope. I can get sellotape on my trousers all by myself.


Hmm- not too fond. I like tape and denim but I'm not keen on them as a whole. I think they would look much better if they were really tight.


Agreed that they would look better if really tight.






I actually really like them. Not the price tag that I'm guestimating comes with them. I'd wear 'em...they've got just that right kind of edge. And with killer heels and a sheer oversize white tee and some choice accessories, this is the essential look.

Just me??? Okay then, just me. See you kiddies after I finish sellotaping one of mine own jeans :)

p.s. I would definitely NOT wear them with those shoes though!


Pretentious if you buy them from Margiela.

OK if you work backstage and needed the gaffer tape to stop your arse showing or the leg falling off.

My husband had a pair of disintegrating jeans many years ago in our youth, and emergency repairs had to be performed when one day he had one foot up on a bar stool and someone informed him his bollocks were hanging out. Nice.


I'm a little surprised at how many negative comments there are, I like them. But I do like some pretty crazy stuff, and once duck taped a blazer, so maybe it's just me lol. I do agree they'd look better if they were skinnier... and black!


Look like they are from Republic..No thanks.


I'm not quite sure that they would be worth the price tag: it seems like something I could do with some spare time, a razor blade, and some duct tape. While it's an interesting concept, I'm definitely not feeling the tape across the crotch...

Sonia Luna

Horrid! I especially hate the way they are all scrunched up at the sheens, just say no ... or do it yourself cheaper and better!


I can see myself in those. Easily.

The funding is the problem, though.

April Joy

not sure how i feel...interesting


I can picture my parents laughing if they saw me in those.


Skin tight and without the rips.

Then I'd consider.



i believe he made a duct tape blazer... which was pretty cool. these jeans are.... eh

The Coveted Mag

no redeeming features whatsoever.


Pretty obvious that Margiela is not designing for his line anymore. They are trying too hard at deconstruction. Yuck!


FIRST INSTICT IS NO NO NO!!!!! I WONDER IF ANYONE COULD PULL THESE OFF...BUT I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT.................................................................................................... HTTP://IVESTITI.BLOGSPOT.COM


nooooooooooooooo! his jeans a few seasons ago were torn and ripped and a bit lovely, just deconstructed to the perfect degree, the degree where people went "this unkempt look can hang around for a while", rather than "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR JEANS?!"
not good at all. sad to see, because i thought he was going somewhere, but not much lately has confirmed this in my eyes!


Yeah, as a designer I must say these feel a bit amateurish. Like they didn't know when to hold back and when to cut loose, like in school. And I second the gaffers tape look. My husband was a stage teck and I saw his pants looking like this a few times, but no one called it fashion.


Mmmm, not good. Not good at all. I could do this myself and I still wouldn't want to.


They are absolutely awful. I really don't know what else to say! I think they sell these at my local market...
Clare xx




complete car crash. Funnily enough I can't stop looking.


Me no likey. And with those shoes as well? Sorry but no. What about you QM - do you likey?


i think if they were super stretchy skinny they'd be amazing but as is they look like mom jeans with tape on em


i went to see the Virgins play in rivermead, and i think their bassist made his own pair o' these with black gaffa tape :) what a cutie


easy DIY project but I didn't really like them.

Steffi Schütze

I have to say I kind of like them. I like how the leg fabric get this unusual crinkly folds structure and how in the detail you can see that the tape is sewn to the jeans.
I do not like the cuts though, they make the whole design look so random - which is probably why they are there, but I think it makes it look overdone.

Cecile M

Yeah there are ideas but too many for one piece ! I like the shiny effect the gaffer bands make on the dull denim. But that could have been better. It doesn't even seem to fit well, the bumps on the upper part of the thighs are not very flattering... I'd say try again team Margiella ! I would love to see one of these well executed with more crinkles and no holes !


These jeans look like someone tried to re-shape a bad pair of ill-fitting 80s pants with duct tape. If they were a more tailored kind of pant, and actually fit in a less mom-jean-ish way, I could find myself interested in them. But as it stands, they look like someone trying far too hard to be "edgy".


Nope...I would expect something much better from Margiela.

Tom Barratt

hmmm not loving them tbh.
maybe if they were styled in the right way but... they could be brutal. They remind me of the 90's... :/


I, um, sort of like them. I think worn with black pumps, a black t-shirt, black sunglasses and a big smile you could wear them to the MoMA or to your own gallery opening. I mean, thats what I thought when I saw them. Not worth paying whatever they're priced at (sure to be tons of money) but an attempt at a DIY would probably end terribly (though you could probably do it, Queen Michelle). I think they're sort of fun but also rather odd.


hideous! i cannot believe these are martin margiela. you could wear almost anything and pull it off with stunning elan. but these are an abomination, i beg of you queenie, don't! i'll pay you not to.


Pure fug-mo. Worst. Margiela. Ever.

Strapping Young Lad

These look like they got accidentally put through a lawnmower, thrown into the garbage and then rescued and fixed by a very desperate hobo.


I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. No thanks! Even ignoring the duct tape weirdness, they don't even look like they have a good fit!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts


Queen Michelle

hahaha, you guys are brilliant! I knew you'd have some excellent opinions!
My personal opinion is that they look like really dreadfully fitting jeans that someone has tried to salvage by taping them up.
But if you like them they'll set you back a cool $1,290.00, although I believe you can pick them up on sale for about half price, so only around $600.00. Eeek!


Can I just ask, who wants a bit of scabby old duct type traversing their va-jay-jay?

These are what Freddy Kruger would come up with if he spent a term at St Martins.


I agree with Walkthesand, is not the concept I don't like, it's the shape!

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