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Monday, 14 December 2009



Just been looking over Claire Tough then saw that title...but no, wasn't to be.. . :D


They are beyond fantastic. You lucky duck!


They got there so fast! I'm thrilled!!!!


The rings are just right for you!

And you have beautiful hands.


Your hair is so epic in that last shot. I really wish I could grow mine that long.


i hope when i'm 36 i look as good as you


Ah fantastic; I ordered them too! I hope they look as fabulous on me!

Joanna M

Love the rings! And your hair looks amazing :)


ok seriously love them and putting them on my christmas wish myself!


They look great on you!


You are spectacular.

Seattle DUI lawyer/attorney

Haha. Awesome ring set.

Gem Fatale

Oh my god, I'm so jealous! I LOVE the swear rings!


I covet!!!!!


Great rings and your hair!!


will the same happen to me if I stop cursing? don't think so, but there is always hope.


haha, I love it. So good. Have you seen Steven Sheien's jewelry? Similarily awesome:


Those are simply fantastic! They look especially stellar with the nail varnish. And your hair is lovely!

Stolen Stiletto

I'm obsessed with those rings! Too bad they are ridiculously out of price range for me. So cute though.

♥ Stolen Stiletto


Those rings are so cooooool!

wholesale miskeen

What a fabulous ring! so cute.



Love the rings- but your hair is outta this world in these shots- you look fab! :)


literally the coolest thing ive seen all day!
you rock!


I don't mean to sound like a bitch here, but a few posts back you comented on how you weren't able to buy people Christmas presents this year because of your finacial situation, but you seem more than happy to be spending large sums on yourself!

Queen Michelle

Amy, perhaps I have a rich sugar daddy?? Who knows...

Gift registry

I love your bad ass rings. Totally cool design.

web design Los Angeles

Your hair is so beautiful. It’s so long and black. Just this year I cut my hair short like Victoria B. hair. I miss my long hair.


So glad you got these! I was actually on the Wendy Brandes site not too long ago and thought those rings were pretty awesome!

Chromium Dumb Belle

wa ha...those are good....
love this blog...

Edmondie Voonie

I really want this kind of ring so badly but I can't seem to find any here in Malaysia! This place sucks like hell! Somebody please help to get me outta here! Queen Michelle, does your sugar daddy have any siblings or friends that are looking for sugar babies?

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