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Thursday, 22 October 2009



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I really like the prints...They makeme think of Mary Katrantzou a bit!?


The flame print is genius, could be a bit unsettling to see someone in it from a distance!
Completely agree about some designers being way too conceptual.


it does like quite conceptual, but i guess you can see it in the makeup (different colours). Also the transparency, where one could say it is the nakedness of society underneath the values of a flag. A dated flag, dated symbolism? Lol probably way off but just pondering :D


i'm so proud to be dutch, haha


You're right, they are very wearable. I really love the second to last one, the colors are absolutely gorgeous. Is it symbolism of any flag in particular, as in should we pay attention to the colors to see the correlation? Or, is it symbolism for flags in general. The concept is a little hazy. But the pieces are stunning nonetheless.


Those prints are divine...I especially love the rich yellow/orange tones...


I wasn´t so sure at first, do I get these, but by looking again, I really got to like many! I would be happy to wear that black and white tunic length, loose, saggy dress. :)

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Looking at these pics, I want wings! (Well visible ones, mine are invisible of course.)


I want wings too. Holy hell, why do I not just have the moolah for this? or why am I not planning a bank hoist? ;)

Love this, love, love this. And the draping. And the prints. Perfect gear for Australia. Screw the people, I'll walk down the street in wings if I goddamn want to :)


The print is indeed inspired by flags in flames. There are always more wearable pieces in their collections, legging and easy dresses. The collection looks less monumental in real life.
And they are really smart girls with extremely positive attitude.


i think also they look to be built with rectangular flag shaped panels. and they have flag rippling in the breeze movement and also that movement pinned into them. no? they're really nice. i like the lack of literal reference too. they look to be easy to incorporate into a wardrobe.

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Great fashion show! good job guys! I want the last photo. so cute to wear in a Halloween costume party.



Fascinating looks, but I'd never have made that flag connection. They're beautiful fabrics and prints.

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