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Friday, 25 September 2009



That is one of the most interesting dresses I have ever seen. I can totally see you rockin it! Buy it =)


This dress was made for you!


Ooooh, it's amagnificent piece - one I can definitely picture you wearing.

Zoe, Conversation Pieces

Gorgeous... I can so see you wearing that.


ugh i know i want that dress as well. actually a lot of things at pixie market are torturing my brain.

S Disconap

I love Louis de Gama! I walk past his shop on the way to work every morning and moon over the pretty dresses. It's interesting that you are featuring and wearing a lot of black and nude pink/lace at the moment as that's one of my favourite combinations.


I love the combinations of textures and fabrics. The leather looks amazing with the chiffon. One of my favourite things at the moment is leather and knitted fabric. The contrast is stunning.
I can really imagine you wearing this. I often browse through Pixie Market feeling more and more depressed. When I went to New York earlier this year, I went in the store and there were a million things I wanted to buy. It's a gorgeous looking shop too!


oh I was only just adding this to my wishlist folder this morning! It's so beautiful, if only i could afford it also. I hate Pixie Market for being so perfect!


That dress is so you it's almost scary. The price is scary anyway.


Pixie Market has the same effect on me.

Maria x


beautiful dress


A really beautiful dress really like it. from you ex student Helen x


It's beautiful. The leather boobs are genious.

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