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Friday, 04 September 2009


Maria Festli

this made me think of you :)

Queen Michelle

Love it Maria! Thank you xx


Love the details. Will surely look out for their collection on other blogs too.

billy kidd

Love it! makes me think if you took maison martin margiela and crossed them with an american hipster. RAH!


I really love the idea of non-seasonal collections. I think this is how a lot more people are starting to dress, and it seems like a good way for small up-and-coming labels to get into the industry, without being tied to the tight timeline of seasonal collections.

I think it also ties into the idea of a more sustainable way of consuming clothing, based on the merits of individual items, rather than a full collection just for the sake of making one. It's something I think about a lot actually, good to know others are doing it successfully!


i totally agree angie. i think designers in all mediums need to take more control and create new rules, their own rules, and not feel that they can only create if tied to 'the system'.

also those first pants are wonderful! i wish i had them tonight.


interesting silhouettes- look forward to seeing more from these guys

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