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Sunday, 02 August 2009


Cynthia R. Hallum

These are way too cute, where do people come up with these things.



Oh, sweet! anything furry with googly eyes in fine by me. Plus, I wish my friends would turn up to crap parties with madonna and liza minelli... it would liven things up I imagine xx

Sister Wolf

These things are perfect. I am often impressed by my dreams, but then I forget them. You get extra-extra credit for Liza Minelli.


it's like the Monster Book of Monsters :D

Kev - LG

Somewhat influenced by The Book of the Dead?


Aww, these are adorable!

Sarah Pooka

Wah! I hate you but I love you too...every link you post to etsy seems to involve my wallet taking a hammering. I have no self control! So yes, did order one of these bad boys.

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