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Thursday, 20 August 2009


lady lisa

Brilliant! A nice wee adventure for you both and a great prize. I may well apply for it myself! xxxx


sounds amazing! ive put my entry in :)



Stella Mayfair

yay, we'll meet in person at last! seriously, i must win this!


Ooh! I wouldn't mind flying to London for that ;)

Sister Wolf

I've already entered! Now I can feel completely heartbroken when I don't win.

Jenny Blå

Oh so much fun, i don´t know whats the best thing : seeing my queens for real, going to London fashion week or the shopping...
The shoes, oh the shoes..


That sounds like a great competition! Rarely do I ever even take the time to enter contest these days . . . but this sounds promising.


I'm hoping that by some miracle, I'll get to attend London Fashion Week again.. Sigh. Here's to hoping and dreaming!

Style Eyes Fashion Blog

It makes me constantly cross that I work all day writing and blogging about fashion but never get to attend any of the events. Mainly beacuse I don't live in London so travel to get there costs and takes so much time. I rarely manage to get away from work for a whole day, then there is the further complications of childcare. I keep planning to go to London Fashion week but have still haven't managed.

Never mind perhaps one day.


Bloody brilliant! Anette is a superstar!


Thank you so much for coming down Girls..!!! I owe you one big time... Wish I could join the is pretty bloody brilliant.. And Disney rolllergirl.. I'm not too sure about that..hehe..!! xx

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