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Monday, 31 August 2009


Fashion Puttana


Sister Wolf

Angie should name it after you and use you in the ad to make a fortune.

The only possible way to look more stunning would be armpit hair! I'm totally serious, too! What would the Prince say??

Lady Winona of Likey

When I saw the picture of it in the package I actually said "HOLY SHIT!" out loud! It's breathtaking, Queeny! And on you, even more so. Wonderful work!!

Queen Michelle

Sister Wolf, the Prince has seen me in all manner of states so he probably wouldn't bat an eyelid at armpit hair! After 10 years together there are no secrets.


I am UNABLE to get over this piece! Had to come back and admire that GIANT zipper for a 3rd time! LOVE Norwegian Wood. Can't believe some of the amazing stuff on Etsy!


HOLY SHIT QUEEN MICHELLE AND ANGIE. this dress is magical perfection. like words cannot describe.

aaaaaaaaaaaaah wow i go on vacation for 3 weeks and this happens? i want to hear the zipper!


its utter perfection!!! i really love how it still emphasizes the womanly silhouette though just indicating it by the hang and the length of each band. its a lovely and fierce and great piece!


What an incredible piece! It looks absolutely stunning on you. I wish she would make more-- you're right, it is the absolute staple.

Queen Michelle

JW the zipper sounds amazing!!! It's like a lego zip
Alexandra (lovely name - that was my mums name), she will be creating a version for her shop in due course. It won't have leather or the huge zip but it will be similar in overall style.

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