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Monday, 31 August 2009



Awesome! That giant zip is out of this world. How does it look like from the backside?


jesus, that zip. intense. Something quite late 80s early 90s about it, but with a modern edge. I can imagine salt n pepa or tlc maybe wearing it... i mean that in the best way of course!


Amazing! And it fits SO beautifully!!!


With the white and silver underneath, it's absolutely perfection.


absolutely stunning. i love the look with the black leggings and skeleton necklace.

fashion roadkill

Incredible!!!! The giant zipper is a great detail too!


Oh my god! It really does hang exactly right on you, that is an unbelievably clever piece of sewing! Well done Angie, it looks incredible

Ashe Mischief

Angie did such an incredible job constructing this piece. And you're both a dynamic team together!

That zipper detail blows my mind... I don't think I can quite grasp it's true size via internet images.


A truly stunning piece ... what a fabulous collaborative effort!


Wow, this is gorgeous! You work that dress.


That's just amazing! I need one right now. The giant zipper detail is amazing. I love it best over a cream color, as you styled it. Also strangely digging the floral combo!


this is def the best dress i've seen in awhile!! the draping and ridiculously oversized zip are sooo amazing!


This is a work of art!! Angie is SO talented!! To make a dress like that without you actually going for fittings is truly a stupendous feat. It looks amazing on you. Where did you source the giant zipper from?


Perfecttttion, and perfect with the Ashish as well, who knew draping fabric bands would look so much better than elastic!

Owh yes it was indeeedy Voguegirl Korea! what DIY did you send in ;)? Ah you're gonna outshine everyone <3.

Queen Michelle

Mine's was actually really simple so I won't be outshining anyone. Can we write about it on our blogs? I wasn't sure.


you look amazing in it!! what a masterpiece it is


Wow, Angie has really outdone herself on this one! It's so perfectly catered to your style.


Oh, my - that's got to be the most perfect dress I've seen in a very long time! You're a very lucky queen, Your Majesty.


Wow, this dress is absolutely incredible. I wonder if there's any chance of Angie making more?!! It is just so unbelievably perfect on you. And that zipper!!! Sigh.


wow - this is epic! the zipper is out of this world. amazing!


Oh my god I'm just so damn happy the fit is good, I measured and remeasured and measured again, but I still lost sleep over whether or not it would be work. Yay! So happy!


Oh my goodness that dress is absolutely stunning! A Perfect fit too. And there are so many different ways you could wear it.
P.S. Does the zip actually undo?


A perfect dress, a perfect fit, a prefect collaboration. Soooo impressed! It looks absolutely stunning on you!!


Wow, only you can pull it off. Incredibly creative and although it's "only" fashion, it's a thoughtful and provoking piece of design.


came out so well! love the pairing with the disco leggings


LOVE the ribcage dress. Sensational!


Thats one of the most fantastic dress ive ever seen! LOVE it!


This is super cool! I really can't believe the size of that zip....


It came out so well! Amazing work, Angie.

Anna Mikami

mmm very nice :) love the creativity.
great job :3


Absolutely stunning! I love it styled over those silver leggings. Those zips are amazing, no? It's hard to fathom how big they actually are until you see one up close. I'm totally inspired to try to DIY something with mine, but this is going to be a hard act to follow!

Queen Michelle

Audi doesn't the zip also sound amazing when you zip and unzip it?! It's like a cartoon zip!


WOW, the first outfit is just PERFECT !
I love it ! You look great !

Ebay Fashion Addict

the dress is a dream.. and with the silver leggins... it's literally a knockout


I... have nothing to say but LOVE.


Wow! It's really wonderful and suits you amazingly. You show vogue what a real glamazon looks like... it seems that you don't want to say where the zip came from, so i'm not going to ask, although i'm dying to find out...

once again, wow!


Another amazing Angie creation! When you mentioned the giant zip I had no idea it would be so humungous! I'm not a mad fan of zips but that one is a definite exception.


WOW. I would probably be to self-conscious to wear it with anything other than black. IT LOOKS AWESOME .

Maria x


So very cool and fits like a glove!


Wow, this dress is truly amazing. What a piece of art! It hangs so perfectly!


Hilary Laing

the dress is awesome, great idea and i am totally loving the zip the contrast is great from the rigidity of the zip to the fluid softer fabric panels.

The Style PA

Looks great with the light denim jeans.

Jazzi M.

that is absolutely amazing! what a fantastic collaboration.


I've never commented before, but that is some beautiful work.


i applaud the craftsmanship. it is mighty stunning <3

Happy Retro

A fabulous piece of design genius. Not much more to say really other than I need to pick my jaw up off the ground. Bravo.

the Six Six Sick Girls

UGH!!! This is so amazing. I have no words. I do know that I will have to go order some of those zippers though. Thank you for the link, and the inspiration of course.



Love the zip! I have the pearl adorned Marios Schwab dress that has one! Amazing ebay find of mine.

x x x


dear god! this dress is some kind of perfection! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Olya Baileys

wow)this is so amazing!!!!^___^

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