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Monday, 31 August 2009


Ebay Fashion Addict

There are a lot like this on eBay too, mainly in red or black. love them!


HELL YES! I need the black ones in my life, nowwww.


Ooh! The black ones look great!


i love the black ones with all the buckles!! your blog is mesmarising


Those red ones are so hot.

Make Do Style

The red ones look fab.

still the cheapest place to get these! i almost feel bad for letting out the secret, haahha


not sure who would have the heart to fork out so much for the chloe's when you could have these. why oh why didn't i buy my creepers when i was still in londres


I spent ages oggling at them at pixiemarket..I love the one with the cobalt blue..
xx-LJ from SOS!


Thanks to Michelle for finding and posting those fab Red booties. We would have never known about them otherwise.
Just placed a re-order but you know about London Underground's long delays!!



Queen Michelle

Yes, I believe the delays usually last one million years! LOL!


Boots like these were almost all I wore on my feet from age 16 to maybe 20. I remember going to Eccentrix in Cardiff almost every Saturday to see if they had any new ones - more pointy toe, more buckles! The Balmain buckled boots are also giving me deja vu. Somehow, although I still love them, I don't want to revisit them. They would make me feel too much like dressing up as my teenage self. Today-me wants to stomp around in platforms and wedges! I guess that ship has sailed...

Sister Wolf

I have already ordered the short black ones, to my eternal shame. (No money and already have a similar pair.)

Poster Girl

Love these! Anything with buckles gets my heart pounding...


The red ones MUST be mine. They're like Dorothy going through a punk phase!


George Cox also makes a great winklepicker! They had buckled/zippered ones on Yoox for under $100 not too long ago, and while I think they sold out of those, they still have some basic lace-ups for around the same price!

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