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Sunday, 05 July 2009


Sophie, The Barton Girl

Yup, seems much wiser to go for the more modest and yet terribly cute silver wing pendant!


Damned Rick Owens and his beautiful jackets! That one is gorgeous - I wouldve killed for the grey leather one which was on net-a-porter last season. Alas, it was £1400-ish. O_O.


Jeez, not another Owen creation that I adore but cannot afford! Love this winged leather jacket to bits. Will gladly accept offers to buy me this.




Make Do Style

Oh dear now I've befallen to the wing fantasy and no the necklace is no substitute!

Posh Swaps

a very gorgeous jacket. I'm afraid with the recession and all that I am going to have to be content with my bingo wings.


All I can say is - its an investment piece? Gorgeous, I blogged about you in my most recent post on my new blog!!

Check it out!

Sister Wolf

Damn him to hell for this!


Holy s***! I'd LOVE the black one, but... you know... a thousands E's is a bit too much for me XD


Rick Owens is consistently epic.


christ, i had a 1920s black jacket almost exactly like this in the shop last week!!! sadly sold now, but how bizarre!

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