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Monday, 06 July 2009


Lucy (The Fashion Setter)

I love the 3rd outfit!

Lucy =)


Er, JEALOUS MUCH? You lucky peanut. I have a question for you. What do you wear under the Topshop T-shirt in the first picture (this is a technical question, not a personal one. I hope.)? Because I bought it sometime ago and cannot figure it out. I have kinda gone off layering since the heatwave last week! Thank you, hon.

J x

Queen Michelle

J, I just wear a nude coloured jersey bra top. Because the top long enough no midriff is bared.


Every single look is an absolute killer! I think you're doing JPB the favour by wearing his clothes so well!


Oh My God! You must have wet yourself when they handed it all over, so many beautiful things! Well done xxx


I love the way the Top Shop t-shirt falls!
- Lovely creative outfits as usual..



V. chic. I especially love those JP midnight blue trousers.



Oh so glad the top came to use, have been lusting after the harness for an age so it's great to see em together.

Outfits look lovely! The combination of delicate nudes punctuated by black is so dreamy.


the second outfit is amazing!


the first outfit is simply gorgeous! love the trousers!

Sophie, The Barton Girl

Awesome loot you got yourself there!
All the outfits you've made out it are totally gob-smacking but I particularly like No 3 and 4. Your home-made neckpiece and peplum are sheer genius, btw.


I'm still lusting after the fringed pants.


Ii want to rock the Norwegian Wood skirt as well as you do, Flawless!


O...M...G you lucky f**cking b**ch!!! You're rock'n it though...looks immense. Blessed with killah pins, hah. Guess you didn't need to haggle after-all.


Such amazing pieces! I'm especially in love with that last outfit, that top is gorgeous! :)


You are definitely the queen of putting amazing outfits together.
My fave in this selection is one with the DIY pvc peplum, which compliments the Jean Pierre Braganza trousers perfectly.

lady lisa

Lucky you! The white jacket is amazing xx


So exciting! You're so set up with new goodies now, it should definitely help you weather the decreased funds when the redundency happens, those pieces can be mixed and matched in about a million ways!


You are such an inspiration, QM. Every outfit here makes me want to dress more daringly!


Baaah wuman, if I saw you on the street in outfit no 2 I'd probably pass out. You probably know this but you're my number one inspiration.


Wow! The blouse is awesome, you wear it well!


are you kidding me? i'd do more than squeal if i got those braganza trousers! they are so epic..


Oh my gosh. Those grey trousers are everything I could ever dream of in a pant and more. This is beyond awesome, Queen Michelle!


Each piece is so stunning. I love it all and would have probably passed out at receving it all.


oh come on.

jpb is a favorite but the gray trousers and peach blouse are especially green-making. it's all pretty killer though. at least i can afford the damned harness.

seriously dude, you've got to cut this shit out.


absolutely amazing... though if you slinked back to your place, i'm sure you'd find a thank you note in addition to the loot.

i love the colors and shapes!


You're incredible, I'm in awe of your ability to put together the most unexpected pieces and rock it!!!


I'm so jealous of your wardrobe. Love the first trousers. Love everything, actually.


Shit, you must have been crazy generous to recieve all this amazing stuff in return!

Those first pair of pants are particularly wonderful (particularly for a grey fanatic like me).


Ohhhh!!! I would have cried if i got that bag of goodies !! you are a lucky gurly!!

i love the trousers and blouse !


Oh dear - I dont think any of this suits you at all. Im afraid your going to have to bag it all back up and send it to me for, erm, safe keeping.

Seriously, you look fab and must of helped them out big time to get rewarded like that! This bartering lark seems to be working well for you. Who needs money when you can be paid in clothes!


Oh! how I adore your Braganzas!

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