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Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Kev - LG

Very clever - nice example of style and technology working well together.

Phoebe Rose

What an amazing idea! I love LCF, it's my dream uni!


How cool is that!? Gonna have a play too. Hey Michelle you pull off the knee highs with such grace, oh and tea and feather headress, well hello...fantastic!



Sounds like a super fun app! Well done them, it can only do the designers good to have people playing with their clothes!


--daily CHIC news from Paris--


This looks really awesome.

In the future, I predict that our shopping sites will look like this. And we'll also have integrated phone apps and barcode scanners to assist with our shopping needs both online and off.

Going to play with the website now!


Cool! I just love paper doll-inspired things like these...

Malicious Mallory

Oooh, I love these things!
I hate the H&M one though, it only has a few options and it's sooo slow.

Sophie, The Barton Girl

Woohoo! Another toy to go and experiment with... Thank you!


Wow, how fun! Amazing stuff too! Especially that 2nd dress!


Oooh, I love these looks!


Oh wow! Look so fun. =D Thanks for sharing such a great post here. Have a wonderful day ahead. =D

A Writers Den
The Brown Mestizo

Poster Girl

I could spend lots of time on an application like this, what a genius concept.

Sister Wolf

That looks like fun! I'm wondering if it works for the tech-challenged.

Queen Michelle

It does work for the technically challenged as I am very technically challenged!


Thank you so much for showing this. I taught Cultural Studies to these students and it is great to see their final projects.

The Starling

Such a great idea...the London colleges are supporting their graduates more and more every year. Nice find :)


wait, how did you find those outfits? i can only find the very basic ones :S

Queen Michelle

Click the button that says 'go' next to 'LCF Fashioning the Future' under the 'Collections' header, and you'll get these looks.

wholesale fivefour

Hey! it seems your post really interesting huh? i wonder how it will work? i like the 2nd one there... keep it up!



oh this is bad. I even can't find the "LCF Fashioning the Future". There are only NEXT, Kays, Great Universal, Little Woods, Additions, Aftershock and Lipsy under the collections header. *heartbreaks*

Frida is also a great site in the same spirit. check it out.
and each week there's a styling competition with different prizes (last week Ysl cage heels)

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