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Thursday, 23 July 2009



I have a BM belt actually, surprisingly durable! I need to stop procrastinating!!!!!!


Loving the gloves.


Wow this is amazingly cool. I love the belts and the bags!


It all sort of reminds me of a Jil Sander ad campaign, very slick.


This is very interesting, I like the concept of the last one, and I want the bag in the 3rd/4th pic!


I love the word "grommet"! Great gloves too!


that first belt is absolutely amazing.


the last piece is wicked and looks very DIY-able...

Sara Lua

I love the strawberry red tights + classic red shoulder padded dress with dolman sleeves. The color (and shape) combination is so Vogue power 80s!


I love when I come across a designer that Ive have never heard of. That belt skirt is DOPE.


that belt/skirt is completely amazing.


Belts are so unique and great, love the touch of the jean skirty belt on red. and this post is telling me that I should get another glove before fall starts. I should get on that. (: nice post.

also, when you get the time, visit my art blog
I've only started the blog, so I'm trying to gather up some readers,
anyways, nice blog. :D


Stunning pieces!
I've been toying with the idea of making a peplum belt for a while now & this inspirational post has made me really want to get on & actually do it :)
Thanks for sharing & have a great weekend!x

Sophie, The Barton Girl

Not usually crazy about ruffles but these are properly awesome and that last belt is to die for!


Amazing bags!! Thanks for sharing! Very nice blog, and always so inspirational!! xx

Sister Wolf

I'll take a hole in the end if it gets me the gloves.


breath taking!

Prêt-à-Porter P

the bags!!

Sister Wolf

I meant, "in the head." (It's good to make sense, once in a while, right?)


Can we buy this online? I'm from oz


Love the belts, they're so amazing! I tried to look online for those but didn't find any. Shame, really. Being from Finland sucks at times like this. :D Well, I just have to make sure the next time I visit London I'll stop by a borba margo shop !

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