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Thursday, 16 July 2009



That first jacket is made for saving the world. Perhaps you're just attracted to it because it's AMAZING.


Oh dear. I'm 40, and all those 80s fashions conjure up nightmares that I actually lived!

What I like about the 80s revivals is they're using subtlety in tailoring that was missing then. And I think the designers now have better fabrics to work with.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Muahahaha welcome to the dark side! We'll have you in animal prints in no time now! That red jacket is so lovely and sculptural as well as fabulously snaky!


i kind of love it.



Scrawny crack ho? No way! Your could totally ROCK the animal prints if you let them into your heart!


I loved reading every bit of this. And you could definitiely pull off that jacket without looking hoe-ish or old lady-ish. LOL


ooo i really like the last pants
w/the snakeskin going around the hips
wow those are beautiful


excellent writing too. x


Pink panthers? You see, to me, a pink panther is a grossly refined wafer biscuit in a baby pink colour, with pink cream in the middle. Perhaps that was the nineties equivalent?


I love the red jacket. Its very fierce.

Stella Mayfair

ahhh, the 80s. believe me, i wore every single fashion nightmare back in the day... early 80s asymmetrical debbie harry hair – check. pink leopard skinny jeans – check. big shoulders and stiletto winkle pickers – check. sheer lace midi skirts over leggings plus old tights in my hair like madonna – check! this is so weird.


loving the white top...


Come on, you so look 26. No one will ever know you lived it the first time. I just hope I look as good as you do when I'm in my 30s!


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i adore snake print.. and these dont' look retro at all... so i think you're safe.

and at least you didnt wear british knights hi tops and rock out to milli vanilli...


If you don't rock the retro from head to toe, you can definitely get away with these looks. After all, weren't these silhouettes what the designers thought were futuristic shapes anyway? With the alien like shoulder pads and the crazy prints? So it's really quite modern if you think about it-- we're culling inspiration from the 80s, which were then trying to design in a futuristic way-- which should, on balance, through my sheisty math, balance out. :)


Leopard print absolutely rules and I will beat anyone who denies it. That said, love the first jacket here.


Ooh! 80's, but futuristic! Love it! Especially 3,4, and 5. Somehow, living in Brazil as a teenager in the 80's I don't think I was heavily affected (barr side ponytails and rolling up my jeans late 80's)...


Oh, yes! can't beat a good old eighties side pony tail!


I think Brooke is just so good that you can't help but like it!

Sister Wolf

I know just what you mean about an animal print coat. But python boots are always good and more than good, since they were good enough for Kieth Richard.

fashion roadkill

These pieces are stunning. I love the red snakeskin print jacket.


"sartorial equivalent to beer googles" :D trust me, it was no better beeing a teen in the 90s - we all desperately endeavoured to look like the spice girls (but miserably failed, it must be noted), and I distinctly recall wearing a cotton candy pink crop t-shirt with marble print flared turquoise jazz pants with white chunky legwarmers UNDERNEATH poking tragically out in folds over my chunky black Buffalo platform sneakers (I wanted a pink pair with snakeskin details, but luckily my mother refused), sporteing pigtails accessorized with enormous bobble elastics with actual water and glitter in them. To me, a patchwork jacket seems positively classic and elegant in comparison... and, by the way, I would NEVER have guessed that you were in your thirties

Queen Michelle

OK Mie you win - that sounds worse than anything I ever wore on the 80's!!


Go Brooke!! I love her stuff, its great to see her on here!


I actually Love it ! The first jacket is pretty amazing !

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