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Thursday, 25 June 2009



ooooh well the leggings do look just lovely (both pairs, actually)...and those shoes just don't ever get old do they...looking spiffy.


LOOOOOVE these fotos! The looks, the photography, the this thru adobe?

Queen Michelle

Yup Photoshop trickery to compensate for REALLY bad lighting!!


such a beautiful post. i really like how you toughen up pretty looks. and that outfit is pretty amazing especially considering it was just 'chucked together'!


Those leggings are awesome! but I can well imagine that getting them off was a nightmare... I love the idea of urban ballerina, especially with that colour pallette. Perhaps a gold mask is what we need to avoid unsightly sunburn today? xx


your shoes are awesome!
and i like the layers of your outfit


I LOVE this idea! I'm a tad obsessed with Ballerinas (see this rather lousy post: ) especially toughening them up a bit.


ballerinas are beautiful! more urban ballerina please.


Adore these outfits, great colour combinations. And the bustle...only the bustle.


Both looks are fabulous but I adore the first one! Until now I'd given up my dream of owning a tutu, even dismissing those vintage petticoats as just for cool skinny teenagers. I really thought I was too old for it at this stage, but looking at your outfits I've seen how maybe I could pull it off. I'm definitely buying a tutu/petticoat soon and giving it a go. Thanks for the inspiration! :)


Worth the suffering - the PVC leggings look is the more urban of the looks, and super sexy!

Malicious Mallory

Great photos!
Love the first outfit! :D


wow those purple shoes are intense!! cute pics!


aaaaah god bless this shoes!!! they're awesome (both of the shoes in the pics!)
great look too, I love PVC, I need a pair of pants too!


You rock those PVC leggings!


Urban ballerina is a good look for you!


the lace top is gorgeous, what a find!


you are so funny!! Yep, peeling off PVC leggings on a hot day. Quite a struggle.



your outfits in this post are exceptionally wonderful! i am dying for a frilly skirt of my own. eventually i guess. and i have recently become obsessed with monochrome. again. wooops.



shoes in the second outfit is amazing!


where are your shoes from? You never say! And they play such an integral part in your look.

Queen Michelle

Oops, sorry Kate - I have ammended the post x

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Two great looks! I love the leggings and shoes in the first, and the top and shoes (erm they're just going to keep taunting me) in the second. I've always toughened up "pretty" as I always feel the need to have something sort of rock n roll mixed in, and feel too prissy if I don't. I have an amazing black lace petticoat from the '50's that I purchased about 25 years ago that used to get paired with leather and studs, or vintage sequins and a studded belt and it always looked amazing! You've inspired me, and perhaps I'll pull it out of the depths of my storage bins again. I love your Prince's description of urban ballerina, it suits you!


I love your mask, you must tell me where you coveted those from =)

Account Deleted


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