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Tuesday, 09 June 2009



i absolutely love them!


I'm sorry, but they are amazing! I need them for hours of sportswear joy. It would probably compensate for my lack of any sporting skill. haha.

x x x


I like them too!


I think they are great. NOTHING ugly about these. EVERYBODY should own a pair of trainers with mesh covered wedge. And they'll fit blue Lycra dress, just to mention one and add a lot of style to orthopedic sex vixen gear.


nah, i like them too, don't worry.. i love the mesh! just scrolled down to a recent post of yours and was pleasantly surprised to see a picture my school friend with her mum (amanda harlech).. was always jealous of the chanel cosmetics she always had an endless supply of! they both look gorgeous :) xoxo


they are ugly beautiful and you will show everyone their full potential i'm sure!


I really like them and I think they have a lot of good things going on. White = elongating and they look unlikely to slip off. But above all, they are super nifty and mesh-y and futuristic. Please buy them so I can walk vicariously in your shoes!



I loved the Dries van noten wedges too... EVEN though posh spice wore them.. plus I found the MOST amazing Converse all stars wedges in Japan... !! unfortunately one can not get them in Europe... buhuu ..

Love E

Cora Rose

I, too, am a fiend for hideous shoes. I'm currently searching high and low for men's disco platforms in women's sizes.


hahah, i like them too


It is SO okay not to be pretty, but then again when I saw this last week or so, I went all 'oooo pretty intersting, I want it' okay fine, that's not the same 'pretty'.


I think I would probably like them in a different color. Although, when it comes to comfortable wedges, I think the B by Aperire shoes are a little more visually interesting.


uhoh... i totally fell for those.

I wish they had neon accents.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

If I wear them will people think I'm sporty and fit? If so, I'm *so* there! I also have a soft spot for the so-called "ugly" shoe.


oh i totally love them. <3 :)


mmm well at least admitting that it's wrong is half the battle...


I LOVE them, you have not sinned, they are grate :D


Jael Paris

As a rule, I hate sneaker heels. In my neck of the woods, such things appear on ghetto fabulous girls with big hoop earrings and Baby Phat tees. But when I picture them on someone with your style, they could be really cool.


Uh.... Okay.

Maybe put together an outfit. I like the mesh...but....i'm on the side of no.

But enough people like em that they exist, right?


I want 'em!


I have a pair of shoes similar to these that my friends always laugh at! They are the most comfortable shoes I own without a doubt.



Sh, I like these too. Don't tell anyone...


I actually kind of love them, so don't worry, you're not alone.


Hah, these are absolutely dreadful which is why I would only trust them in your hands because you will undoubtedly make them work. I say go for it! Dominate their dreadfulness with a killer outfit!


They're not ugly UGLY, but they're definitely hard to pull off - I'm sure you can though!


I LOVE this shoes! they're awesome!


NO THEY"RE NOT UGLY! and i'm not saying that to make you feel better.
they are like a waaaaay more sporty version of the dries van noten sneaker heels from yonks ago.
and i have no doubt that you'd be able to make these work.

The Style PA

These are probably the best heeled sneakers I have seen, although I would still struggle with them. My style is just a bit classic to carry them off.


I spotted these too and really like them...


I love these. Saw them in Style Mag on Sunday and I really want the grey ones. You'll have to do worse than that QM before you hit the ugly depths!


dude, they're a bit Victoria Beckham when she tried being "sporty spice". heheheh


i can so see you in them.
did you know adidas clubs baby kangaroos to death in aus then uses the skin on their sneakers? tis worse than the canadian baby fur seal thing. they do it at night so no one can see them. might want to check what those shoes are made out of.

Queen Michelle

Bee, unless baby kangaroos are made of plastic, these are OK.


I couldn't wear them (I can walk in heels as long as the distance isn't over ten feet) but they are lovely! I really like the new sportswear and i didn't think i would but some of the fabrics are just so soft and beautiful :)


INSTANT LOVE ^_^ they are sooo my thing. I love love love those shoes.


Oh dear, I love 'em too! They look so comfy! I've always been on the quest for heels that are as comfy as sneakers, and here they are! :)

R E McRae

Dude, dark leggings and deconstructed tunic-y thing + these... killer.

Though they're a little simpler, Ive had these wedge-sneaker suckers for a while and everyone seems to love them.

Rock them ugly shoes!

estelle deve

i don't think they're bad at all, they remind me of a cross between the see by chloe wedge trainer and the dries van noten one. except cheaper.. what else can you ask for?


love 'em!

Levinson Axelrod

Yup, these are really japanese style! Hey, you'd look perfect in them. It takes a person with a certain style to pull this off and you can definitely do it!

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