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Wednesday, 03 June 2009



good collection from SGC but that denim jacket is an Alexander Wang ripoff...


guess the SGC jacket features buttons instead of zippers but you can definitely see where their "inspiration" comes from


I beg to differ, you are quite the stick! (I mean that in a good way ;)) Love 2,3 & 5! Yesterday I bought a Rick Owens black silk dress with sheer panels, can't wait for it to arrive!

Queen Michelle

Tanya that's why I can see certain bloggers loving that particular piece - I doubt most of the people who love Wang can afford his pieces.
But to be fair, bikers have been working the denim cut-off over biker jacket(which this look is clearly based on) before Wang was even born, so I guess the real inspiration is them.


I like the big shoulders. But the collection has nothing realy new.


Very nice collection, I want the tweed jacket, black/white contrast dress and possibly the guy's sequin cardi. They all look great pieces to work into everyday wear. I do prefer this toned-down vibe from SGC, it shows that they're maturing as a label.


i want the sequin cardigan. NOW!

oh dear charlotte


Ashe Mischief

Forget the denim jacket-- I'm in love with the structured Blade Runner-esque blazer in the 3rd photo.


I thought of you last night Michelle when the lookbook arrived in my inbox :)

I am in love with the dresses in picture 2 & 5. I can't wait for the collection to be released in stores...

Queen Michelle

Nicole, with labels like this, which are like basics with added extras, the 'new' bit is meant to come from the wearer who injects their own personality into how they style the garments. They are left deliberately quite vague so you can interpret them in your own way. That's what makes it so good - you need to use your imagination with pieces like these, rather than have a whole look handed to you on a plate.


The second dress is my fave - the neon detailing up by the big ruffly shoulder? Gorgeous.

fashion roadkill

Awesome. I love the grey minidress with the chiffon sleeve you can unzip (the neon zipper is a great detail, too.)


The sweat with sheer something you are capable of reinterpeting I'm sure... not that I am publicly encourgaging plagarism... just an American Apparel top, with section removed and replaced would have a similar DIY effect???

michelle too

i don't care if that jacket is an alexander wang rip off, it's probably half the price and it's equally gorgeous. queen michelle your blog smokes everyone else, love the new tat!


First of all, I feel kind of guilty for being attracted to the male model. He looks like someone I would've gone after in high school. Maybe it's the sequins? Hm, mmm.

Second, I will find the dress in pic #5 and wear it every day.


I love the sweater in sheer panels too! used your images in my blog, hope that's ok x


aaaarrghhh..mind blowing heart breaking, money

i'd stop blogging for that grey jersey and denim jacket.


I LOVE THESE! great picks! and yes that sequinned boy--mrrowr to both him & his cardy!!


omg omg omg where can i buy that sequined cargian online>???

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