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Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Emily Rose

those are amazing! I love that you pull those off with ease.. nice purchase!


Those are great and your outfit is very well put together! You look almost like a beautiful sculpture. I'm definitely feeling the fringes at the moment. :)


they are such a great addition to the outfit.
hehe tis nice to see you out and about in natural light

Queen Michelle

Haha yes Tanya it is a rarity! Unfortunately it requires me dragging my Prince out to take my photo's and, unlike some bloggers' boyfriends, mine's puts up with it rather than actively enjoying it, so I try not to bother him with it unless it's really necessary. These wouldn't photograph well inside, even though I do have lots of natural daylight in the house but it's still too dark to pick up the details.


Aahhh, I never doubted your ability to pull these off, but they look so much better that I imagined!

I saw some similar pants on an ~unnamed blog~ and they looked like absolute rubbish so good on you for making them work.


LOVE it! Love every single component to this amazing outfit, the outdoors gorgeous shot, everything! :)


they indeed look pretty good. the one thing i'd be scared about (but that might just be me, knowing the way i usually behave) is getting caught up in doorknobs and other chairs...


wow i love the leggings!!!! i just bought a white tee covered with fringe!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

I knew you'd be able to pull them off and come up with a great outfit! Swishy legs are definitely A Good Thing for you!


These require a photograph mid-swish...

Lucy (The Fashion Setter)

I just hope they will have a new policy: not selling them to fat girls!
You look great in them =)


Oh, the unbearable fabulousness ... LOVE these on you, lady!


Adore these!


hmmm... very interesting...

I'm wondering how they'd look with FLATS.

Queen Michelle

Christina the fringes would trail on the floor in flats, so you might end up tripping on them!




We are back.
Brand new blog.
BB&HH 2.0.

seeya =)


This outfit is so amazing! Those leggings suit you perfectly.


if you are going to break your 'no-high-street-spending' rule, this is a good way to go


Miss Glitzy

These suit you wonderfully.


Note to Lucy "The Fashion Setter": you know what? It's a free market out there. If you're fat, if you're thin, you can buy and wear fringes if you so wish to. 'Not selling them to fat girls': you are just too too amusing Lucy! Great to see the Aldo boots still on the go; I love mine. They are great.


Love this outfit!


I went to the River Island website to purchase immediately but they only post to UK. Booooo! What is this, 2007? Global postage is the only way to go!


!!!!! FRINGE!!!!!!!


Looks Amazing!

Jael Paris

Awesome! Sadly, I have sort of thick legs so I don't think they'd work on me.


These look fantastic on you!


wow!! you look amazing, I cant believe they're from river island, great great buy!!


Fantastic as always!

mimi dev

The fringed leggings look great on you.
But I'm a size 16 and I tried these on a few weeks ago...

oh the horror!


There are very few items w/fringe that I'm sold on. This is the first that I thought I could and would actually rock. Seeing that River Island does not ship to the US, I'm venturing out to see if I can recreate these. Not sure how I'm gonna pull off the sheer part but I'm gonna try. In the meantime, could you look into possibly sharing your great find, via reimbursement through paypal. I am that serious.

sophie stephens

those are the best dancing trousers i've ever seen with my eyes! I bet they feel really nice on. they'd look mad on the beach too. S.x

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