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Monday, 04 May 2009



THEY ARE SO RAD! i really love how you wore it in the last photo.


wow... the leggings is so awesome... may i know what is the price of it??? thx... :)


And here you are, wearing the something very advanced and challenging, and still trying to match gold with gold, like a good (book)example of French lady. What's wrong with this picture...

Queen Michelle

Selly, I don't know what price they are going to be sold for. I think James is still deciding that.
Haha Dust! I know, matchy matchy is generally awful, but because the gold is very, very yellow toned it really clashed badly with the likes of my leather garter, which is I would have teamed them with ideally. It just looked wrong.


Wow, the leggings are awesome! I was really happy with my spartans that James made up, I'll definitely be getting a pair of these. Wonder what he'll come up with next?!




let aside the fear of rusting, leggings are special! excellent diy peplum too.


I love the last look! I think I'm gonna try some DIY action and make a similar pair of chain leggings. :)


Oh my! The chain leggings are incredible! And love love love your Complex Geometries dress! :)


Chain leggings?!?! Whoaaaaaa. Freaking awesommmmeeeeee. And if anyone can pull them off, it's surely you.


WAYYYY cute looks you made with the chain leggings! i have to say, they chain leggings, while they are supposed to be the main point, are a nice accessory to the outfits you have them with.


your hair looks really good in that last photo it makes u look about 21!!! u should defo cut ur hair that length11 cool leggings too!


Amazing idea and you've certainly done them justice with these outfits. My favorite is the 2nd one, I love how the curving shape of the armholes of the top mimic the gentle draping of the chain on the leg, so gorgeous!



Lucy (The Fashion Setter)

They're really cool....

I love your blog! I'm creating my "blog roll", I'm adding you straight away! =)


This may seem like a stupid question but how do you put them on?


OMG your pants are just A M A Z I N G!!!!!!

Queen Michelle

Meream the chains are threaded through loops so they actually move to allow you to get into them, then when they are on the chains hang properly. Hard to explain, but it is easy to get them on.


Super cool. You wear them well.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Cool, I was just reading James' blog last night about the silver ones. The gold look really fab though. I love the first look, the Complex Geometries dress is really something and the chain leggings look great with it!


James is a king if you like tights and leggings. I own the silver and black spartans, and am just about to cross his palm with cash for the gold cut out leggings that have no name. Too cool for school.


these babies are sick! in the best possible way! :-)


I finally broke down about a month ago and bought myself one of those Complex Geometries dresses in black. As much wear as I'm getting out of it, I find myself wishing that it was made out of a sturdier material. Of course, then, I suppose it wouldn't have the interesting drape that it does.


I love the leggings! The second outfit is my favorite.


That first outfit is just plain great.

the Six Six Sick Girls

So incredible, you're always such a good source of inspiration!!! Are the chains actually attached to the leggings or can you put them on over any set? Such a brilliant idea I might want to make myself a pair of chain shorts!



leg jewelry! it looks fantastic!

Queen Michelle

Tiffany, they are actually attached to the leggings. The chains are just at the front and sides, not all the way round the back.


alice in chains...


they seem to fit the shape of your legs so well, are the chains sized to your leg width when they are created?

wholesale ed hardy

It seems that outfit looks cool, i do love the leggings, nice combination of the outfits, very fashionable. i love it, great post.



My vote goes to pic #3. I think my votes should count for two. :)

QM - saw your legs here too...


This is off topic but triple F calls (favours-for-friends)... Maaike Mekking leggings- also, do the chains rattle like nobodies business?

Queen Michelle

No rattling at all actually, which is quite surprising. I expected to sound like some noisy ghost when I walked down the street!


its so weird seeing his leggings around the net now.

he's really good at what he does.
they look great on you!


Wow, Great Outfits


There's no way I could pull those off... I'm so impressed with your ability to make these things work... totally fab!


Wow. Those are amazing! Love it with the faux fur vest.


where can i find the chain leggings?

Nicole Hislop

I would like to purchase the chain caged leggings. How do I go about doing that/


from where i can get this legging ?

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