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Thursday, 14 May 2009


Style Spy

All right, that's the hardest I've laughed while drinking coffee in a while. Wee socks, indeed.


No disrespect Queen your sense of style. BUT....this whole collection blows. Sweatpants and some logo like tommy hilfigger t-shirt with the big H...looks pretty good to me after seeing this crap.

Queen Michelle

Sweatpants and Tommy Hilfiger tee? Good luck with that! ;)


The purpley lilac dress is GORGEOUS!

Is it weird that I didn't notice the baguette until you pointed it out..?


cute and subversive


Neckpiece, sheer chiffons layered over plaid: I enjoy those. And LOL to your comment about the Lolita heart-shaped glasses and knee socks. Although, I'm still fond of the knee socks and keep buying them and storing them for a time to wear later...

anne i the only one frustrated by "zip me up after your finished"..? CLEARLY should be "you're". call me petty, but this made view the whole collection with a roll of the eyes ...and i agree about the boring-sounding write up...but, there were some cute ideas. not all of the pictures rocked, but some.


i'm loving the lilac and that last dress with the collar


my god this is gorgeous, loose, paint splattered double breasted jumpers here I come.


Jaeha is an awesome designer! Unfortunately I don't think this collection or the following collection ever made it into stores?


i actually like the wee white socks! i think plain shoes with uncovered legs would look too grown up and 'smart'.


i really like these, its like a slightly more daring luella. i do love pastel colours!

Sex Toys

Really like the dress with collar too Great dress and great collection.


amazing.. how could one designer visualized this? amazing.. it's at how i want.

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