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Thursday, 02 April 2009



When I spotted the strapped trousers, I thought you already had a gorgeous DIY pair?

Love the blue cape-dress!

Carl Starling

What a brilliant lookbook. I love the shadow play and the distortion of the clothes' silhouettes. Cheers for this... X


Her clothes look even better on the pictures and I was already a fan after seeing her show. Great shoot!

Guess besides you love for down under designers, you're starting to develop a love for dutch designer as well? ;)


loving the third pic... those trousers are to die for! :-D the shadows and contortions def make these pics rather special...



Wow these are amazing x


Love everything here. Yet another designer to go gaga over! Thanks Michelle! I kid, I kid.

On a serious note, the strappy trousers look like a fab DIY. You just need a thick stretch pair.

dream sequins

I love the use of bands and straps. Popular, yes, but done in a way that seems timeless somehow. Is that a cape thing with strappy arms?

Those pictures are absolutely to-die-for. The 3rd one just leaves me speechless. Thank you -- AGAIN! -- for introducing me to something fabulous. I can always count on Kingdom of Style! And I'm obsessed with the capey-tunic with the strappy arms. Ummm.


oh yesh, i like the third pic too, they're like harem pantaloon leggings! in a great colour, love the stripes.. wow

Chekka Cuomova

AMAZING!! *gasp*
omg this is stunningly breathtaking.. :D

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