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Monday, 20 April 2009


rat pack

First the Cramps, now Danzig? This is the most perfect start to a Monday morning imaginable.

Queen Michelle

I can't help it rat pack - I have regressed 20 years for some unknown reason!!! Seriously, I am digging out all this old stuff I liked as a teenager and loving it again! The Cramps was the soundtrack to my school days and I HATED school! I had the biggest crush on Glenn Danzig when I was young. I saw him live in 1988 and just wanted to marry him then and there. Tragic. So, so tragic!

rat pack

Honestly, I've been listening to the Cramps a ton lately too... and Danzig always holds a huge place in my heart. So jealous you saw him live!

I actually won the most perfect Cramps "Bad Music for Bad People" tee on eBay yesterday (the print takes up the entire front of the shirt!!), and my life is now complete!!!

Queen Michelle

Is that the one with the skull with a big quiff? Great artwork.
Danzig had just formed and were supporting Metallica. In truth, they didn't play that well, but since I was in love with Glenn I forgave him!

rat pack

That's the one!!!

SO sick.


I am raising two arms and extending my little and index fingers. Hell yeah...


I guess since we are wearing the same things as back then, whatta hell, lets go back to the same music!
I went back to the old Godflesh.... whilst wearing new dress and feeling like the pleasures of the flesh...

Queen Michelle

Ah Godflesh!!! I remember them! My friend was in a band at that time and every time I went to his house all he would play were Godflesh riffs!

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

Thankies, and now you have the whole crazy little story! XXX Suzanne

Queen Michelle

Definitely worth pestering you for!!! xx


HellZzz Yeah!

E.B. Finds

Brings me back to my dark college days!

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