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Thursday, 12 February 2009



I love Pollini! :)

Have a great day!
xoxo: Janet


Its freezing here in London so wrap up warm! So addicted to this blog, keep up the good work!



Those hats are a joy to behold. And I love the fan detailing on the first frock.


Yes! Jonathan Saunders played a blinder for Pollini and for his own label. He's a fabulous designer. His colours this season are so strong. Did you see Thandie Newton in his dress at the Elle Style Awards? It's here although that address won't be right when they add something else. Anyway - I think it's beautiful.


I think i'm in love whit the third dress!!


I love every single thing that was there! They are so cute and feminine- they're so adorable! I really like those cute little hats that are pinned to the sides of the model's heads.



i love the hats and those bright colors, fabulous.


The colours of the middle left dress are just stunning. I only wish I was better at D.I.Y so I could attempt to make something similar!


pretty dresses...for good and 'easy' donut hair I recommend one of those long things (helpful!)looks like a pan scrubber with a popper on the end comes in blond and brown and they are at boots. Works quite well need lots of hair pins. I have hair like yours but shorter and providing its not having an arsey day and decides to 'bend' (yeah watch out for 'spring back') its pretty nifty!


I love the third one!! So pretty.


Those are indeed gorgeous! I love Jonathan Saunders (and likewise wasn't impressed with his Topshop range), and these seem like a more feminine take on his designs, love 'em!


Oh stunning, I really love these looks. Thanks for posting.

Market Publique

MMMM.... I love those sherbet ruffles!

Men's Clothing

Nice nice nice selection of dresses


I'm reluctant to name one designer as my favorite, but I think that if I was only allowed to choose one, it might very well be Jonathan Saunders.

Pretty Portobello

Great post! Those dresses are as fresh as an italian sorbet! Totally adorable.
Thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I much appreciate.


the multilayered colorful chiffon is so pretty..
xx-LJ from SOS!


Where can you buy these dresses online or in London? They have no email addresses on the website only phone numbers...

Pastries Shoes

I just can't wait to see more of your entries, I love fashion like you do, keep it up~


All the best in London... I'd love to hear your plans...

Queen Michelle

Rowena I don't really have any mega huge plans as such. So far it's go to Topshop Unique show on Saturday, Emilio de la Morena on Sunday, meet a friend for lunch on Monday and do lots of shopping/touristy stuff in between! We're not there very long this time.


polini was so much better before saunders
all of the people just gag because he is designing and say that he broguht life back into a brand which is untrue
the brand had plenty of life with rifat but saunders just has a following

Frankie - Swell Vintage

I love the clean cuts and simple use of block colour - great stuff x


The stuff looks great, but in regards to shoes - I've purchased a pair of high heel green leather peeptoes some 2 and half years ago, and they've been gaining on "fashion" stock solidly for over two years. They are great, well built, comfortable for such height, and quite honestly, of amazing quality. So, I have nothing but great stuff to say on Polliini

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