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Thursday, 05 February 2009



I love a high shoe but I don't think I could manage those!


FANTASTIC shoes. Wow!


cool shoes, but the dress looks kinda like my sleeping bag...

Dim Sum Diva

What a Prince, indeed! I'm sure they will look wonderful on you!


Oh, I so agree. These are glorious. Both pairs!


OMG! They're 2D4! Can't wait to receive my UK Vogue and have a closer look!


damn those towers... love it.

xx-LJ from SOS!




those white ones! gorgeous! I can imagine my feet looking like an exotic bird in a strangely desired cage.. I could do with a few extra inches too:)

The  Fashion Pinko

You have found something that will replace my obsession with the Stella McCartney wedges. Awesome.

Suzanne aka Punk Glam Queen

The white shoes are effing amazing! Enjoy your ASOS shoes! XXX Suzanne

Shoes Mend Hearts

great shoes!! extreme is the way to go!

Sister Wolf

Oh dear, can you actually walk in these? Walking in heels is still a mystery to me, although I do love to stand still in them. What does the Prince think of high wedges??


Those are amazineg. And I totally agree about wanting to reach new heights in shoes. I feel so unfamiliar with flats now.


I too have been attracted to extreme shoes more and more. I suspect it is because shoes don't have to follow the rules as much as other pieces of clothing. Yes they have to follow feet lines, but besides that they can be whatever they want.

Queen Michelle

I don't think anyone could walk in these!
Sister Wolf, the Prince and I have reached an unspoken agreement - I can wear and own as many high heels as I want as long as I don't wear them when I'm with him, except on very special occassions. That's a good compromise.


yay, you're getting the asos heels! i'm sure you'll love them, they are really comfy to walk in. i have the black pair and got used to their height in a sec.

Queen Michelle

Stella-mayfair they came this morning! I like them but I don't love them, so I think I'm sending them back. I probably would get more wear out of the black version but I have so many black shoes I really wanted something a different colour.


Have you seen the white, ridiculously named slasssh open toe platform boots at everybody's best loved knock off place Steve Madden? They are so delightfully orthopedic! I've been thinking about getting them for a while; imagine them with pastels and neons layered under sheer stuff :-)


daaaaaang. I'm a huge heel fan, but those white ones intimidate me.

Frankie - Swell Vintage

These are insanely amazing...but I'd get vertigo x

candid cool

those shoes are really something

DC Shoes UK

i like high shoes but i think these shoes are impractical.

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