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Monday, 12 January 2009


Carl Starling

Both supreme finds. My vintage shopping trip this weekend wasn't quite so successful...don't you just hate it when shops (especially here in London) think they are cool, and can sell any old tat if it's labelled as vintage.


I agree with the above comment about vintage shops, I was shopping in portabello on saturday and felt like shouting "why! a stripey t-shirt from the 80's is not £50 vintage". Working in a charity shop has made me even more of a bargain hunter I think.


I love those really good charity shop days!
It's true they do call. LOL

pretty face

I love how you've got a little smile in the photographs ... but I want The Calling!!!!


amazing finds there's nothing better then discovering an amazing piece. but you got two in one outing, lucky girl.


OMG I can't beieve that blazer!!! I have the skirt to match !envy! sigh.

Lucky you!!

sopchan / lady sophie

the trousers are AMAZING! i console myself that even if i had found them, they'd never have fit and they look fabulous on you :) well done on your instincts!


i LOVE those pants!!!


ooooo! the trews! fabulousfabulousfabulous!


I'd be grinning like an eejit if I'd found what you've found!


Ive banished myself from shopping, and for the first time it has actually worked. Although I miss the thrill after having found something great, as you describe here.


That's pretty incredible. My best deal is getting a coral skirt, a jewel diamond skirt with matching top, and a awesome dress for $12. I love thrift shopping. The pants are out of this world and the blazer is darling.


Hot cha, you really hit the jackpot! Just ADORE the floral blazer.


Great find, those pants!! I never have luck with charity shops, probably cuz I don't look too close...But I think its a talent & luck to spot out garments that don't look like the obvious womenswear!


OMG!!! I am so in love with that colorful amazing outfit!! You look adorable!



£1.50! That is one serious bargain, so stylish, so affordable ... I need to check out charity shops more often! I love the skirt and blouse you're wearing with that cute blazer too.



I LOVE these outfits, especially the second one! Gorgeous, effortless, flawless, all of the above!


Im so going to steal those pants from better not take them off...ever!


i love how you named it "the Calling".
Last week, no kidding, i must have dreamt 4-5 times that i was in a second hand shop finding great stuff.... so i thought to myself that it must be a sigh... so i hurried to a new shop i'd never been to before.
Couldnt believe it when i saw red high heeled Chanel shoes for 10£ and a Bally bag for 5£!
i live in switzerland, people are dumb they havent caught up on the second hand shopping affair lol
But i just love your trousers!


Your second outfit gives me hope that spring will actually return at some's so cold here! You know it's a good outfit when it makes someone in the midst of a deepfreeze feel the hope of spring again!

My best find to date was this past fall, I found a great navy wool blazer by Aquascutum for $9! The shoulders are sharpish, the fit is perfect and it's become that old favorite "throw it on over everything" type jacket. Thrifting makes me so happy :)


you lucky thing! those trousers are amazing! I wish i had your luck.


kirsty lee

oh i'm so jealous. i think i felt the calling right after reading this post. if it wasn't 8pm i'd be out pounding the streets.

think you deserve some good shopping karma. and those trousers are especially amazing.


Don't let me catch you wearing those pants, I'll steal them right off you!


Adore the pants! It's so satisfying to go out thrifting and actually find some amazing pieces. Those experiences seem few & far in between, especially in bigger cities. The thrift stores are so picked over!


Love that double floral look - so pretty!


EGADS!!!! What amazing bargains, seriously! I haven't felt "the calling" for quite a while, in part due to rising prices - a plain Gap corduroy jacket for $30? A suede shirt for $25? A plain lace blazer for $36? No, no and no! The first two prices are from Goodwill in NYC, so that explains it, but the 2nd is from a puny little place in the middle of nowhere, Connecticut! Seriously! (Sorry for the mini-rant.) SO, anyways, I LOVE THESE FINDS. So super its killing me.


P.S. But last night I had a dream that I went to an amazing thrift store that had, like, everything I wanted. It was amazing. I was really sad to wake up and find out it didn't exist. :-( I have the most cliched dreams.


Fantastic finds! (When I typed that it made me think of Wallace and Gromit for some reason). I am "time poor" and virtually never go to charity shops, and when I do I don't "have my eye in" and can't be bothered to paw through the crap to find the gems. It's great to see what one could find if one made the effort.


great finds! I've had the worst thrift luck lately, hope yours rubs off a little.


When you hear The Calling...YOU..MUST...GO...
I do feel The Calling - it works, I'd say, in 85% of the cases. One of the recent results - a very nice D&G purse, brand new, found at Value Village for $6.99.


Ah, the siren call of thrift one is immune to their allure!
And those pants are fantastic.


Love the trousers, but I couldn't get my eyes off that blazer! And the ruffly skirt! Two great items that one would never think of pairing together, paired together--quite fab.


Love, love, LOVE the pants!!

tor (fabfrocks)

I pop into pretty much every charity shop I pass, but these kind of magic hauls never seem to happen to me. I suppose i'll just have to wait for "the calling...."

Queen Michelle

It will come Tor, it will come.


love the flowery outfit quite cheery.


Wow! Love the pants and the white t-shirt with them. And the smile. :)

About one shoulder t-shirts and shoes with open toes... can you actually wear this kind of outfits in the scottish winter? My clothing and especially shoes are at the moment determined by the weather so much I can hardly look in the mirror. But I'm warm (and waiting for the spring).

Queen Michelle

Annaki, bizarrely my feet don't feel the cold too badly if it's not raining. If it's very icy cold I just add socks. About 50% of my shoes are open toed.
I have worn my one shoulder t-shirts very often since I made them. I just shove on a plaid shirt or blazer (like the one pictured) on top and a thick coat when I go out.

ミシシッピ。 viv 。ワット

you're so LUCKY! does did mean its the start of an even luckier year?


Wow, those finds are so amazing! You must have really good charity shops where you are. Here the charity shops seem to be full of tatty old primark dresses for twice the price they were originally...


You inspired me so much I felt the calling myself - just picked up a vintage Givenchy blouse from Oxfam for £7.50! Thanks!


The strappy sandals worn with the zipper trews! who makes them? You look great as always!

Prêt-à-Porter P

im lovin the black trousers

Frankie - Swell Vintage

It really is the best feeling ever. I wish I could wear anything and look amazing like you! x

Disco Dolly Designs

Are they the shops on Dumbarton Road? I need a rummage!

Queen Michelle

DDD, it's Southside, though I have had much success in the past along Dumbarton Road.

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