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Wednesday, 21 January 2009



OMGosh! It IS a perfect Kermit-the-frog green! And it's GORGEOUS! Love every single way you styled it, you look incredible ;)

sputnik sweetheart

I think it looks wonderful michelle!


that's such an amazing color ! it may not be easy for kermit, but for you, green looks dazzling !


I love them!

I do think the waist needs to be showing though, although maybe a really oversized top would be good. I almost bought a similar white pair today but they were just too big for me and looked a bit dodgy instead.


wowzers! you carry those off beautifully!


My bathroom walls are painted that color. Love the trousers!


they really are exactly the same color as kermit. So cute!!


Those pants are amazing. The colour is gorgeous despite the Kermitness of it!

Miss Glitzy

They're green and they're great!


you are sooo fabulous!
those pants are wonderful.
your hair is always so perfect, especially your bangs.
you rock!


Beautiful colour ! Beautiful pants !


That colour is fantastic - one of my favourite colours in the world in fact - so I heartily approve! Nice find.


the pants are a great cut. Love the last look the most. You rock lime green better than anyone...(other than Kermit of course!)

Cecile M

Oh I love it ! Green looks great on brunettes and with your pale complexion it's just vibrant !
Also, they have the perfect shape ! You really have a lucky hand when it comes to charity shops ! I envy you !
That's my first comment on your blog, but I visit it every day. You've got a really personnal and strong sense of style and it is really refreshing and inspiring comparing to all the boring clones there are among "fashion" blogs.

(Sorry if my English is a little weird, I'm French...)


i ADORE these! i expected something suss after you kept down playing them but they are brilllliant and look amazing with your hair/skin. i defy anyone to hate them.


LOVE them! Perfect kermit colour, perfect shape, what a fantastic buy!

Stitch Society

yes yes yes!! So good so good! Gurlll, you can rock ANYTHING!

I just got to London to study abroad, you're gonna have to tell me where the best places to shop are!!



Robin Hood, Robin Hood, riding through the glen


What a gorgeous green colour, I like it best teamed with the blue.

I have to admit I was expecting the worst but they are amazing. Just goes to show what brilliant finds you can get from the local charity shop.


Gorgeous and vibrant, definitely a hit. The only tweak I would suggest would be to iron out the crease down the front and add some ribbon to tie the hem around your leg.


Oh man, you're right, they are INSANE. But they look fab with the one shouldered black top and caged platform heels. And of course, only you could rock them!

Have a great day :)

Ashe Mischief

Those pants are beautiful! Seeing them on you is very fresh and different, but you've styled them wonderfully.


I like these - the green is a little bit "off" which is what I look for. I have a military style jacket & skirt in more or less this colour. When you said lime I thought they would be much brighter, which would not have appealed so much. I agree with Skye, they look best styled with the waist showing.


I think these pants are a fantastic find and especially love the high waist and how you work it in your outfits. Also, I think more people need to wear bold colors like that, it always brightens up the day. You found a treasure!

Queen Michelle

Lots of Kermit trouser love! Thanks! I only wish I could meet the old lady to whom they originally belonged - I bet she was amazing!


sexy loons!
where is your jewellery from in the last pic? I love it :)


I love most the first outfit.



I love them!


Hats off to those trousers! They're perfection :-)

miss muse

lime is such an intimidating color, but i love how you put these together, very inspiring :)


so now I'm a complete fan of your trousers!
your article made me laugh and yet your trousers and your looks are so good! i also need a Kermit trousers, I'm almost jealous! :D
sorry that sound a bit hysterical, but come on this is Kermit The frog!! :D


LOVE this colour on you, love the shape as well (especially when cinched paper bag style). Yours are like a refined pair of these crazy kelly green cotton ones I scooped up thrifting

I've gotten a few strange looks, but I love them ;)


I just bought a pair VERY similar to these, more lime green though! Crazy!
I'm LOVING the paperbag waistline with the cinched belt..great find sweetie!


That is one of my all-time favorite shades of green. And lady, I LOVE it when you do a series of outfits centered around a single piece. Lessons in creativity and versatility, all.


I like it! =)

Dressed and Pressed

Perfect shape and great vibrant colour. Would love to see them with some yellow or pink!


Who wouldn't be happy going around donning Kermit coloured trousers?! He was, no is, amazing.

The Six Six Sick Girls

I LOVE them! You make them look so Marni.


Camilla Hayselden-Ashby

Wow you really, make these these trousers work for you (no mean feat!) I love the way the waistband looks.


Love the paperbag waist and rolled-up cuffs. Not sure what the two old men in the balcony would say, though.


Ohhh my, love it with the fur...looove how it fits on you!!


You rock the look! I love the cut of those pants!


you are clearly not alone LOL. I quite like them as well!


They're amazing and you're totally rocking them!

The Minx

I love love love the outfit with the one-shouldered black top. It's super fiercee.


I love the pants! They have a great shape and looks perfect with the skinny brown belt. I might even say that I like the colour a lot!

Frankie - Swell Vintage

You put kermit to shame! They look amazing on you x


i would kill for your hair and wardrobe for that matter


I don't love them, I ADORE them. You put together such amazing outfits!

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