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Monday, 15 December 2008


Jenny Blå

the 4th picture looks great and i just LOVE the last pic !!!
Gimme gimme

sopchan / lady sophie

How ace! I'd love to see it from the back - the double armhole thing sounds so intriguing.


i really, really love the last picture!!!

Frankie - Swell Vintage

You're so inventive! This is genius x

Ashe Mischief

It looks so cozy and comfortable-- and you can create the best looks out of it! Amazing.

You have the sweetest, shyest smile in the third picture.


Very very cool!

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts

Complex Geometries = Major Lust.


Last picture: Aphrodite turned up to a very hip party. (And I say that in a good way).


woah genius, love how the last combination looks like!!


Really interesting.


Love the last pic. Something like this is WAY too challenging for me though!


woah genius, love how the last combination looks like!!


i like the last one! the belt looks great with it. i fear the first three might be are bordering on "mental-patient chic".

tor (fabfrocks)

The fourth picture is amazing, what a fab dress! Who knew that something so scary on the hanger could look so amazing on!?

Queen Michelle

Who says "mental patient chic" is a bad thing?!
'Bag Lady Chic' has been done and is now perfectly acceptable, so perhaps Mental Patient Chic is the way forward. Obviously not what you were hoping to hear but inspiration comes from unlikely places!


Hello, I'm thinking of buying the "black strap tank t dress" from complex geometries, but I am not sure of the sizing.
What is the size of your shirt? Or if its onesize, is it very roomy?
Thank you!!!
Greetings from Germany, Sophia


I love that you can't keep yourself from smiling a little - and rightly so. What a fun play-garment, and such fantastic looks you've created from it.


love the grecian look


goodness that looks like so much fun.


you are so amazingly lucky. and amazing.


it's so cool the designer sent you his creations to be tested!

Deep in Vogue

goodness, those shapes and folds.. genius


it's so cool the designer sent you his creations to be tested!


what an amazing garment! I like the last interpretation best of all. And those leggings-I can't get over them. I dream about owning a pair as fierce as them...:)


That is an awesome piece. Have fun with it!

Chic Looks

I'm all for mental patient chic..haha!! the last look is fantastic and you have such a lovely smile. I like the fact that it can be transformed into so many looks.


this piece has an ambiguous shape which makes even more delicious and covetable. have you tried using some part of it as a hoodie?


killlllllllllling it <3


I love that dress, you can get very creative with it!

xx- LJ from SOS!


Third and fourth pictures - great! I'm sure that that's not the end of the possibilities.


loving it!!! i just checked out their site and they have the most wonderful pieces. can't wait to see a few of these in my closet.


It's so cool! I can't think of anything more intelligent than that, sorry.


Fabulous piece!!


Very fun!!

Prêt à Porter P

i love stuff that can be draped and twisted and played around with it. it suits you perfectly

where can i get the piece from? I looove it!


I'm not sure if your a Tori Amos fan, but the last picture looks like her character Pip, from her American Doll Posse album. Very cool


I love clothes that you can wear in multiple ways. Thanks for introducing me to this brand. I'll have to get something from them next time I want to treat myself. :-)


oh, btw, what size are you wearing?

Queen Michelle

I'm wearing a size small, but it's meant to be roomy and the jersey is semi sheer so it's nice and fine and not at all bulky


looks fabulous in every way!!!
looove the first and the last!!!
cool blog!


Brilliant looks, all! I think that one will pop up in many a future post.

How lovely of the designer to send you a freebie!


I'm just DYING for the SS09 Complex Geometries to be out! Definitely his best collection yet.


oh you are so clever! looks amazing..i want one! :) xxx


Hi, I'd like to reiterate a post from above: where are your leggings from?


Queen Michelle

Duck they came from Topshop x

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