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Friday, 19 December 2008


Style Salvage Steve

Menswear needs more designer/design collectives like Sibling! I love the whole fashion spread in the latest issue.

Carl Starling

I LOVE their work...truely progressive and much needed in the menswear market!


Love that crazy horned animal in the top row.


I love the looks in the right-hand photo in the second-to-last row. I'd wear them too.There are a few others I could do, too.

It's an imaginative line. I like the wacky twists.

I wear knitwear on top almost exclusively, so anything new is exciting to me.


Oh my gosh I suppose this will be another brand i'd have to go to London to get my hands on right? I would gnaw off one of my arms to get that epic orange and green animal print sweater <3 not to mention the big 'ol purple fur collar coat.


I am also an only child who would looooooove a Sibling. But only in knitwear form, that is.


wow! this is amazing experimental man-fashion! thank you!

jeanie annan-lewin

I tried to steal that jumper with the horse on it last week i failed

Frankie - Swell Vintage

I NEED that horse jumper...x


That ramshead shirt is probably the coolest thing I have seen in a LONG time. I love how the horns curl under and make little cap-style sleevies.

Bet those beads on the pink collar look like pointillism close up :D.


oh my god. i LOVE both items in the second row--the ridiculous sweater and the even more ridiculous fur-trim hood! ahhh!


As a guy I'd say I can wear some of the sweaters (the ones with patterns are lovely). the sequin number is a bit kooky for a guy like me but I'd be delighted to try one of those!

Sister Wolf

Ooooooh, sequins! Sign me up for that stuff too.

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