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Sunday, 07 December 2008



Brilliant. Thank you!

I got all my questions answered (thank you, I hope they weren't too personal), and many, many more!

You have a rich and wonderful life, Queen Marie. I'm so glad I found this blog.


That was so interesting, thank-you for postin g it!

It makes me want to answer it!

Queen Michelle

Excellent answers QM! I enjoyed reading it even though I pretty much know everything about you.


Thanks for that. I have recently started reading this blog, so it was interesting to get to know you a bit. And I thing you guys do a great job with this blog!


You are indeed lovable, not to mention very intelligent-sounding! Bad grammar, I know, but I only say "-sounding" because you never know over the internet.


Oh- Who is the Queen Mum?


your perfect day sounds wonderful! especially the finding a parcel, surprise parcels are always the best


I LOVE you!!!


my question would have been about THE HAIR.

Can I ask how long do you leave it [henna] on for and where you buy it from? I've tried lush's caca rouge but it never comes out as amazing as yours. I get so green with envy everytime I see photos of you!

Deep in Vogue

that post was a pleasure to read :)


I would kill to have naturally gray hair in my twenties.

Queen Marie

Dear Lou
I always got it from the Body Shop but they stopped stocking it last year. I have started buying it on ebay (Bohohippy Vintage Clobber) in Fire Engine Red. I leave it on for about an hour but you can leave it longer if you like it really red.

pretty face

That was such a cute FAQ! I really loved it :) x


Hey, I've added your blog to my list, so I hope you don't mind. Nice to find a great blog by Scottish women! I'm from Glasgow myself. Check out my blog please! x


I can't believe that people got on your case about BAGS. That makes me want to take one of my three million plastic bags and put it over someone's head till they stop bitching. And moving/breathing.


Queen Marie, thankyou for you in depth enjoyable responses. great reading!


that was delightful Queen Marie - thank you, you *are* loveable :)

Sister Wolf

Aaah, same here about sparkly things. My kid learned at a very young age to drag mommy away when we passed a window with something sparkly in it.


Sometimes, if it's a long post I'll go back to it later when I've got time to read it. This morning though, I just had to read the lot of it there and then. It was interesting, insightful and somehow left me with a warm fuzzy feeling. :)


Wonderful! Thanks for letting us get to know you better.


thanks for the answer Queen Marie.


Queen Marie, you are ridiculously awesome for answering all of these questions. Thank you!

Lady Winona of Likey

Oh Queeny, how I love you.


What is your astrological sign?
Can you tell about you education, do you have a degree, what is it?

Fashion Tidbits

the donkey is so cute :)


i just happened upon this site during a websearch for those AMAZING shoes in the juicy heels section. the jimmy choos what are theyy!?!?!?!! i must have them~!


The Queens are too much... I look up to you ladies!
hahahah and William H. Macy the lawn donkey? clever girl

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