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Tuesday, 23 December 2008



My heart just jumped to my throat! amazing transformation wowowow! hehehe!

daisy dee


Carl Starling

Wicked customising Queeny!

Queen Marie

You look like an edgy lace fairy x

Frankie - Swell Vintage

That looks so good! You're a bloody genius! x


*gasp* I want those Westwood boots more than anything in the world... I love how different you can make the dress look, like taking it out of it's natural twee habitat :)


u're SOOOO gorgeous!!!!!!!
such a perfect way to wear lace!!!!!!
the shoes are soooo great!!
how much are the vivienne's ones????


The last look with the blue belt and flat boots is my favorite. I love what you did to the dress! Very inspiring.


Brilliant. Love the first one. Very Miss Haversham goes goth. Can't help loving the drama.


The result is pretty amazing. *___*


Queen Michelle you are amazing - that is all I have to say. This is the first time I have posted a comment but I just had to, I love it!

I'm having London shopping withdrawals, I just moved back to Malaysia.

And ahhhh, you bought the boots??!!


I really liked the original dress, but I have to admit that it now looks very modern and cool. You're good at what you do!

Vintage Tea

The dress looks great now! I love the first picture of you x

The Minx

It's brilliant! I especially love the one of you in the flat white lace ups, those shoes are amazing (and flat! It can happen!) :P

also, if you are still accepting links for your blogroll, check out mine!


*Gasp* you never fail to amaze me with your DIY prowess!


WOW! What a brilliant transformation. I especially love the lace with the quilted biker jacket and also with the Westwood boots. Perfect.


Beautiful job!


Absolutely lovely!


I love, love love your pictures! (always)



Beautiful transformation, but also a kudos on the graphics on the first "transformed" image, they compliment the outfit/pose wonderfully!


You've made an already stunning dress into a complete wonder to behold, now it looks like it's just come off the catwalk!


Your everyday wear is my party wear!! I love the dramatic look though - just like soemthing out of a magazine!Your blog is fast becoming my fave one so keep up the good work!


you're amazing. seriously, such an inspiration. i love your dress-up image it look like its straight out of a magazine.



love love love!!!!!


i love all the different adaptations of the dress!


look at you! i love it with the black jacket and black tights...romance with a dark side. LOVE. mind if i am a copy cat and try to do something like that too? hope not...cause i'm doing it regardless. haha :)


Another brilliant re-work. Utterly fab, as always.


I love how you has modificated it... stunning result!! *.*


Hello your highness! I just love what you did with the hem-- it totally took some of the cute out and gave it tons more edge.. Im not very good at anything needle and thread related so I was wondering how I can try that kind of thing for meself?

Thans, queeny!

Wow! Just brilliant. That first photo could be in a magazine! Amazing creativity as usual.


fantastic!! i love how you managed to have a vision and see past the frumpy look of the dress. it turned out really well! xxx

Queen Michelle

Thanks peeps!
Valentine, this alteration is INCREDIBLY easy to do. It's harder to explain. It's just a case of taking sections and tucking them under to make a kind of puffy layer and putting a few stitching in place to hold it (I stitch about 1cm across) repeat the process until you get the desired result. You'll instinctively know where they should go because you'll be able to judge how the garment is draping and place the folds accordingly. Like I said, hard to explain!


aaah I actually love the flat shoe one best, just cuz of the use of colours and how it works so well dressed down! perrfect!


I love all the ways, and what a wonderful dress.

pretty face

I'm assuming you've weaved some of your digital design magic over that stunning photo?

I have to say that I wish you did that more often; it is probably my favourite photo of you, ever. Stunning, stunning, stunning.

Queen Michelle

Pretty Face, indeed I have woven some digital design magic into the first photo. I'll try and do it more often, I just thought than when I was doing it before it detracted from the clothes, but it some instances, with something like this dress, I suppose it deserves a little extra magic xx

Lady Winona of Likey

I'm with Olla--this is heart-jumping-into-throat fabulous!


Queen Michelle, that is amazing! I love how the dress turned out and it is so dynamic and voluminous now in comparison to before. Lovely..
xx-LJ from SOS!

The Clothes Horse

What you did to that dress is like a sculptor and a stone--you found the personality within. :)


I love your dress, and its impressive how you make it something completely different each time you wear it :-)

Ms. Butterfly

Just Genious Queen M. Every look AbFab


wow, really great combinations!


love it! ur best remake to date!


I've never wanted a ankle-length lace dress more in my life. You are actually some sort of genius.


wow wow wow!!!


You are so good at re-transforming garments. I know you are adverse to doing personal requests, but could you please please please give us a hint to how you pin and drape so beautifully? Besitos- Heather





Oh, I seriously love that dress! And nicely paired with other pieces!

closet organizers

Amazing result. All of the pictures are really helpful.

Rae rae

all the looks are great, just wanted to say I got some great cream lace leggings in H&M for a tenner not long ago

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