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Wednesday, 12 November 2008



Funnily enough, I am really really pro-graffiti and street art, but I hate that people are covering trees with anything. If you're covering the bark of trees, you're messing with the ecological balance of insects/birds that live there. And that is not cool.

The rest of it is lovely however.


That tree just made me smile. What a lovely, heartwarming form of 'graffiti'.

Bouncing Evil Ginner

That's amazing. I can't even imagine how to crochet around a tree or a bollard or big chain link. Very pretty!! I like the scarf too :)

The Six Six Sick Girls

These pictures are amazing! Does anyone know where they are from? It looks like the writing in the background is Swedish.

lady coveted

i love knitta please...
my favorite was the jimi hendrix guitar warmer in seattle.


I'm totally digging the crochet random link in the chain photo.
That is just spectacular.

Yay crochet!


Living in Glasgow I have two opinions about graffiti on one side l think it’s really cool, especially when there’s an agenda like the ‘f*** capitalism’ one which have managed to make their way onto various walls around my uni and also if it looks good which I guess is subject to opinion , though on the other hand I don’t appreciate knowing ‘Steph loves Redo’ or any other nedish message left for the masses who take the bus. And I love the traffic cone on the Duke of Wellington statue though I do think he needs a style up-date maybe a blower hat or we could go a bit more dangerous and give him a beret.


What!!! That's RAVISHING


In which city is this?


There is a tree covered in crocheted graffitti in Melbourne too! It is beautiful and unexpected


I love this. I wish someone here would do it.


I just got back from Melbourne, which has some amazing graffiti (I have a poor example in my recent post), but crochet graffiti? It looks amazing!

Ally (above) - where was the crocheted graffiti tree in Melbourne? shame I missed it!


Is so amazing what you could do with crochet. However I wonder what they would look like after few raindrops or when it just to happen to snow.


This is amazing!

I kinda want to go cover things with yarn now.. Hmm..!

Ms Constantine

Wow. I thought that the tress must be photoshopped at first. That's truly amazing.

I generally don't have a problem with graffiti if it's artistic, like the Banksy stuff. But in NZ most of the graffiti is about some stupid person trying to get their "tag" out and scrawling their name everywhere. It's ugly.


thats amazing
i wonder how they croched all the way up a tree

stephanie rose

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thank you!


I love these, I wonder how they may look after they get some weather on them though - icky! If I could crochet I would so do this in my town!


Ha, back in June I did a paper for my architecture school on this subject, titled "Guerilla Kniting". I really had fun researching it AND I got a 9 out of 10. Two birds with one stone!


That's super amazing stuff right there!


Thats amazing! I would love to wake up and find something like that near me!

Kitty x


This pleases me. Like down deep in my soul.


absolutely gorgeous! much better than billboards and advertising :)

the likkle girl who wurve pwetty things

Corrine, whose blog I read, is an English artist living in Ohio. She's a part of the JafaGirls art collective and they make "artistic mischief" via knit graffiti too. See photos here:-

The Fashion Assistant

Sooooo cute!!!!
I can't crochet but I can finger crochet!!!

Queen Marie

I can't crochet either but I would be willing to try and learn again if I too could take part in 'artistic mishchief' if it looked as wonderful as this. I ADORE IT xxx


Brigadeiro - the tree in Melbourne was on Gertrude St. in Fitzroy outside a boutique, near the Nicholson Street end.


Wow! Looking at that just makes me tired, but its appreciated and so cool!


The gas station covered in quilts was the senior project of a student in the College of Visual and Performing Arts at SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY. She got permission from the owner of the abandoned station and spent days tacking up these fabrics.

Pretty damn wonderful, if you ask me!

Sybil Thompson

i love graffiti!! here in Detroit there is so much to see. new artists are always popping up.
we have many abandoned buildings and they are all painted full of graffiti.
like the crotchet house, we have a street here called Heidelberg. There is a "movement" in that neighborhood. Google "heidelberg project".. the homes are bright colored and polka dotted!!!! dollies hanging from trees.
manaquins lining the street.
Very neat.
Thanks for the pics of the crotchet stuff!!!

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