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Thursday, 02 October 2008



i love this. fantastic job ! look cute but a bit ohhh errrrr at the same time ! x


sexyyyy. and er how great are your legs???!?!?! :O




luv the colour and shape... I actually thought about making the exact same skirt after seeing your Anastase post:D but I'll probably be doing two in different colours to wear one over the other to prevent that super-sheerness effect. I was just wondering if I should make it with a rectangle piece of fabric or with a full circle pattern.


LOVE this colour! The black is gorgeous too, but something about this colour is just so, so wonderful!


Oh these are fantastic. I have a ridiculous array of handmade puffy skirts but none in sheer organza. i may have to make some too.

you are amazing :)


This is a great look.


I bet old Princie will like the shorts, for the same reasons all subversive boys have for liking such things.

You look fantastic.

Queen Michelle

Joanna, this level of fullness comes from using lots and lots of material (3 metres for this one) and sewing it into a tube shape then elasticating the waist. The circle shape will be much more subtle.

Carl Starling

I would never have thought of sewing it into a tube first...I would have gone with the circle skirt idea. You little genius - it looks beautiful. Your DIYs are my favourite. Cx


Oh, I already liked the sheer black skirt, but I absolutely adore this one! I might just have to try my hand at it, which I have already done for a few of your other DIYs... I just love them.


This looks great! Do you find it hard to sew with organza?


It's funny how you can make something relatively basic (neutral color+black) look so, so amazing.


Congratulations, it looks divine! And I love the socks!

Queen Michelle

Aw thanks Ambika. I'm having a very bad day today and that cheered me up!
Ali, it's actually really easy to sew with. I thought it would be a bloody nightmare but it wasn't at all. My machine doesn't do overlocking all that well usually, but when it came to overlocking the organza it worked brilliantly!


I am so on the hunt for organza tomorrow!


Any prince horrified by the shorts ain't worth your time, lady.

Chic Looks

wow!! your sewing skills are so good, I love the nude colour of the skirt and how full it looks... another superb outfit


A queen you truly are!

juliet xxx


oh lovely! it's so very Charles Anastase!


love love the nude organza.


Beautiful clothing + Beautiful person + extreme talent = Queen Michelle.


I already loved the black version, but if it's possible I love the nude version even more.


Great weekend outfit, how can you not have fun in this?


thanks for the tip:D I believe boys always like it sheer and don't really care about the details.


Gorgeous. Wish I was adept enough to make things as pretty as this!


Looks at your legs! Amazing!


Very cool.


thatz pretty stunning!!!
I always bite myself in the ass `cause I`ve quit my sewing-course :(


How fab! love the organza skirt. Think its such a useful little piece that you'll get great wear out of.Love your hair by the way dear.

The Style PA

I wish I could just knock up an outfit myself, but me and sewing most definitely do not go together.

Shay Wilson

haha, you'll have to make sure to flash him a lot. :)

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