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Thursday, 30 October 2008



That dress is striking! I love Koh Samui, and dress-ups! Am hoping Koh Samui has a good sale, as my currency is doing very poorly at the moment :(


Hey, I love going as a witch or something similarly dark. I was the wicked witch of the west last year. I'm going as Neil Gaiman's Death this year and I can't wait.


I am gonna be a nurse for halloween....

juliet xxx


Amazing dress!


this would be so good... please post your diy if you do it!


I'm sure you can sew up something similar, Queen M. Maybe even something better. Is that blasphemy?


its so hard trying to think up an original cotume idea, but after watching that Dead Set program i think im settling for a good old fashioned zombie!!

Make Do Style

You'll be the most glamorous witch I know and I've met a few!!

Queen Michelle

Sal, we welcome some fashion blasphemy on here!
Oooh I've been watching Dead Set! I think it's fantastic - a good zombie effort from Channel 4.


I'd love to see what you'd put together from your own closet for a modern witch costume. I hope you'll do it.


I once dressed up as a Japanese 'anime' schoolgirl. I had even enticed my boyfriend of the time into dressing as one too: he wore his long hair in pigtails, wore a plaited skirt, knee-high socks, a white fitted Oxford, and to complete the look... my mom's bra: a 40E! I still giggle thinking about it.

Well, I should probably dress up tomorrow at university, but I am a bit shy...

But I too would love to see you dressed as a witch!


That is a beautiful dress, but I'm sure if you attempted a DIY it would be fabulous. I'm dressing up as a jester/harlequin this year. I'll post about it tomorrow, check it out! :-)

lady coveted

yep, i'm gonna go with the rest of the ladies here and say, with your skills, you can totally diy this if you desired, me on the other hand, if it's going to need more than two stitches, and it's not a shoulderpad, then its not going to happen.

i remember my halloweens in the UK, and i don't think i dressed up for any of them, it's much harder when you're the only one. and speaking of which, i just found out the party i'm going to tomorrow night is NOT a halloween party. wtf?

*thanks for the link*

la couturier

my costume will be revealed on my blog soon! :)

and i think you shud diy it! it is a great dress. & if you really love halloween, throw a huge bash, costume mandatory, complete with ghoulish cocktails that still bring the essence of halloween whilst remaining sophisticated for an adult party! :)

La C

ps - happy early halloween!


I've just discovered your blog and it's really interesting and a nice read. Also I'm so glad I was not the only child who got sent out wearing a bin liner for a witch's dress for halloween lol

wholesale miskeen

Hey what a gorgeous dress. nice post.


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