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Friday, 10 October 2008



These are amazing! I love Mandors as well, I could spend hours in there. Still haven't found a fabric shop in London that compares!


These are amazing, well done!!


omg, this fabric is absolutely amazing!!


i cant get over this leggings!!!!!


THOSE ARE AMAZING! So beautifully well done, and beautifully worn! I love, love, love them!!!


Oh my, those are absolutely beautiful!


WOW, I love the effect you've achieved! They are fabulous, I'm going to have to hunt around for that fabric!


WOW! What an amazing look, you look absolutely gorgeous. The material is PHENOM!


the fabric is gorgeous. you mean there are two layers in the same material?


You are WAY too hard on yourself, they are so amazing! Leggings are such a basic piece of clothing, so it's really all about the fabric and fit, and this fabric is so fabulous it's making me lose my mind, and the fit seems to be great! And I think it's been pretty much determined that you are not only a Queen of the Kingdom, but also Queen of All Leggings. It's official, I've dubbed thee.




How can you apologise for 'too many outfit posts' and then go and post the best outfit posts you've done yet!!!
Pics 2 and 3 are ace.

pretty face

You have totally sold leggings to me!

And how amazing, that they're in your favourite colours, right? xx


hmmm. i don't know miss. those leggings look pretty good to me!

Diana Rikasari

oh my God...those are probably the best leggings I have ever seen...beautiful!! :)


They look totally fabulous, Queen Michelle. Well done! And such great colors, too.


That material is effing gorgeous!! It would be enough to make lovely grungy shredded leggings, or super-glam-rock lurex leggings that look like someone dusted your pins in a Barry M glitter pot, but both?!

I really hope you find it in black, so you can show us!

lady coveted

oh my... these are probably the most amazing leggings ever! just lovely!


Those are SOOOOOOOOO fabulous! Want, want, WANT.


I will never tire of the sight of such a beautiful,, stylish, and talented blogger! :-)

Pretty In Black

For years I've been a 'wear the same jeans for a week' kind of girl. Now I'm getting into wearing a dresses and skirts while maintaining an edgy vibe. Thus I've ventured into the world of tights and I love these! My favorite looks are the flapper dress with the green bolero and the elegant black dress. Exactly the contrast I'm looking to achieve! Your inspiring as always.


those are fucking sexy


These are the most perfect leggings I have ever seen. Do not apologise for the outfit posts – I’m loving them – more please!


these are amazing!!! this fabric is amazing. hope you find them in black! i'm sure they'll look amazing.


oh my. COMPLETELY ferocious. so reminiscent of rodarte's tights from last season. kudos on the DIY! you truly are an inspiration =]]

fawn lust

absolutely amazing!

Sister Wolf

I'm afraid I'll have to kill you for the fluffy bolero.


Wow I love it, they turned out great!!!


Now there's a happy girl!

And what a wonderful prince you have.

The leggings are the absolute best I've ever seen in a DIY!


That fabric is just too fantastic. I love it! it lơks like your legs were in a scuffle with a few wild guinea pigs!


ah hell.


These are sooo good! You definitely have the talent to sell your own designs!


they are awsome!!! i am off to the next fabricstore to make myself some leggings.
i love your side, you are sooo inspiring!!


Amazing fabric and perfect for leggings!! More fun than most leggings on the market :)


oh my god those are amazing!

* Fashion Dreamer *

Oh My God! Those leggings are absolutely leggings I've ever seen hands down


Ooh, I'm in love with that last black you mind my asking who it's by? It's gorgeous!


Stunning!!!! These are so beautiful I'm tempted to jump on the bus to Glasgow and purchase myself some of that amazing fabric.


Hello? These are mindblowing! Very Balmain, non?

Prêt à Porter P

wow! that black leather top with the purple tassle necklace is awesome! as is the flapper dress and the last dress


I already commented on this, but here I go again:

This could be a side business for you, Queen Michelle. I bet you could rake in the cash if you sold these leggings. I'm sure you've already got people begging for them.


put me on the waiting list for those leggings if you ever open up a side business. seriously, amazing amazing amazing.

elisa H

I'm soooo in love with those leggings! I would not wear it in these colors but if it exists in black, i would take it now... humm.. i think i should go in the fabric store in my town and check...
Gorgeous. Absolutely.


I just want you to know that what you've done to these leggings is STUNNING

<3 so creative!


You did a great job! WOW!
(love your smile in the 2nd pic)


those are effing amazing! i am crying that i don't live in the UK where this Mandors (which sounds like the holy grail of sexy fabric) lies. you should totally sell them :)


That fabric is amazing, especially the teal one.
job well done!

Iris & Pieter

WOW that's so stunning!
the fabric is really special
but so beautifull.



Jeanie Kwak

Good lord. that's the sexiest thing i've seen in tights... :) nice.

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