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Sunday, 31 August 2008



That pincushion is wild. I'd love to see a voodoo doll version of that one.


oh my I never realised I needed a pocket shrine but now I know that I do! Would make a cute pressie as well...


The pincushion is hilarious! Love it.

Make Do & Mend

The pocket shrines are perfect for my hail Mary's when I take off on a plane - I'm having some of them. I don't think I could explain away the pin cushions through customs though.


I love her neon skull earrings, just the thing to make a frou-frou outfit a little more twisted, less frou-frou.

Lady K

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pocket shrines, I must try to direct my other half to this post as it's my birthday on Thursday and a pocket shrine would be just the thing!


I love the pin cushion, but at the same time I think it's kind of weird... haha.

Sister Wolf

How is it that I didn't know of your love for shrines?!?!?!?! Were we separated at birth??

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