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Tuesday, 26 August 2008



I can see you in those 1st ones for sure. I don't think they're that odd at all really. Not compared to the ones with the horse hair coming out of the back (Louboutins or something).


haha, i like them to ! did you know that crocs makes high heals now its strange and the fluffy crocs to (:

Make Do & Mend

It is that weird being drawn in effect that some brands manage to do - yet you know it is wrong but still feel compelled.


The top ones are sort of ok, but the second ones definitely look like a bird has been trodden on. I'm leery of feather in general because they're itchy and icky, so my opinion is not worth much on the subject, though.


I have to admit, the feathers really baffle me.

As for crocs, I still find them ridiculous, I can't care to see those around.

hannah-zpe - Fuzzy crocs? wow. ahah


I'm not loving them, but that's just me. I can see you wearing them though, and I love your style, so maybe they'll grow on me. All in all, I'm puzzled as well.

Sharon rose

Hi there-I like both, more so the 1st pair!!


I laughed out loud at that dog image!


My cats would do the same thing, but I, too am drawn to these. Especially the first pair with the chunky heel!

Queen Michelle, any chance I could hop on your blogroll? You've been in mine for ages, for what it's worth ...


Those are fantastical!


i quite like them too! i think i prefer the first pair, because the chunky heels sort of counterbalances the feathers. i'm sure you could rock them!


I like them too, I think, mostly because I can see them in a movie like Labyrinth or Stardust. They're whimsical but in a rough and tumble way.


I really like this brand! A bit scruffy but still fabulous.


LD Tuttle is actually a woman named Tiffany Tuttle. I think that she is going for the tough chic look in her line. But I totally get what you are saying about borderline Crocs.


Like the feathers - very original and whimsical. Could see someone like Sarah Jessica Parker in those!

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