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Sunday, 03 August 2008



oh I love the prints! yes we love www. it's great. thanks for the link to the artsycraftsy site. I get way too excited when I see artwork like those.. :)



I've seen illustrations by that artist before, and I loved them. They're so quirky and yet they have substance.

The cushions are so cool, I've never seen anything like them. People are so inventive!


Those log pillows are delightful! What a clash of textures & expectations... I think faux bois is coming back into style. I'd love to wear a woodgrain-print skirt.


Thanks so much for the post on my pillows, and the amazing post about Tysons shoes as well, what a nice surprise! The illustrations are stunning too, I think that Jim Henson must have been inspired by "the princess and the trolls" when he was designing the characters for "The Dark Crystal".


Love the Faux Bois cushions

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