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Tuesday, 12 August 2008



Yes please! I love all of these.


I especially like the biiiiiiiig gold necklaces.


I like people who like jewelry.


Oh my goodness. These are amazing! I love how you find the most amazing things.


Love the statement jewelry, as I get got more comfortable in my style my jewelry gets larger :-)

Soul Tanggg

HAHAHAHAH, i just love the tile of this post!!!! i just spent five minutes giggling at it!!!


Big is always better especailly around the neckline.

I like my scraves big and my necklaces even bigger!


I love those pieces. They are audacious without being outlandish.

Jewellery Design

After living in Ireland, I have since accepted a job from a firm situated in West Tullos.


ughhhh I saw her pieces at the Projekt Galerie showroom in Berlin! Some of hem are more powerful than clothing pieces...the tube-like ones have an animal-like quality to them. check out these amazing daggar triangle necklaces:

Make Do & Mend

What I don't understand is why the high street retailers aren't grabbing people like this and investing in them.


If anyone likes big jewelry that actually isnt heavy, check out one of the designers in fashion week san diego. I think her website is on


They certainly look like "you." I hope you find something beautiful that you can work into your existing collection.

The leather stuff is fascinating.


Wow some of these are truley amazing

teach people not books

the ruffled affair, top middle, is fabulous.


The shirt in the middle looked interesting.

juliet xxx

lady coveted

hehe both you and le mads posted on this... the same day! and me,scrolling through the reader.. going yep, i love this... yep i love this...


I love the tan leather number. I do own quite a lot of jewellery but often feel over accessorised when I don a 'normal' necklace and take it off again. Ironically it is the huge, statement pieces that feel more right and don't make me feel like I'm wearing one item too many.


hey honey..server changeover is not allowing me to email you so I'm trying this way...
We are in the final stages..I'll give you the green light here soon!!

Prêt-à-Porter P

very cool

maria francesca pepe

Hey Queen,
thanks for your post, and appreciation. Check out my website for all the updates and when you get in London let me know. Come over to my studio anytime!
I will exhibit my S/S09 in London. Milan and Paris. More Jewellery + brand new ranges of Bags and Clothing!!! and soon my online store!
Keep in touch with all of you and thanks for the fab comments.


Shamima Sultana

verity type jewelery...
But it looks funny:)

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