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Monday, 11 August 2008



I am in awe of the strength it must have taken to walk away from those boots!


Love those boots. If they had heels, I'd have to have them! But I'm safe for now.

Fashion Hayley Tokyo

I love wearing tartan too but when I wore my tartan jacket in Japan people would always run up to me and ask if I was Scottish...wth?


Queen Michelle, they were a bit over £300 but not much (you probably didn't want to hear that).

WendyB, they had some similarish ankle boots with heels too.......


Those boots are indeed gorgeous.


I've just re-read your post and realised that you said you used to own quite possibly THE most hideous item of clothing ever made - the tartan print jean!! Still, at least you've more than made up for this most heinous of fashion crimes since then.

Queen Michelle

Oh CM it gets worse - I also had flower print and pin striped ones too. Ah the 80's. Gotta love it!


Yay tartan!
I bought a tartan dress the other day, i havent dared to wear it out yet...
maybe ill unleash it soon...

Katie Rosemary

Ahahaha when babysitting my sister and her friend one night we discovered "Donald Where's Yer Troosers?" in her parents' music collection... I think we played it on repeat for about 2 hours. Lengendary
York is getting a VW shop also... I think I'm going to have to avoid going in as I just do not have your strength!


I love those boots, I have them but mine have a heel.Ah ah, try to get away from those and see if you can!


Those boots are GLORIOUS!

And now I'll have Andy Stewart crooning away in my head all afternoon, thankyouverymuch. I snagged some godawful compilation of "Scottish music" while visiting Edinburgh a million years ago, that encompassed "Amazing Grace" by the Dragoon pipers, the goddamned Proclaimers, and, of course, "Donald Where's Yer Troosers." Lordy lordy.


The boots are ruined for me forever due to the Sienna effect. I also resent Balmain for the literal 'punk' influence. Viv gets away with it cause she invented it, but in other designers it's just lame. But have you seen 'Rock of Love?!' Bret Michaels reality-TV trash heaven!


Im surprised you could walk away... I bought mine 2 years ago in Manchester and haven't looked back since.. in fact just put them in 2day to get resoled for the fifth time... def recommend them! Although are a bit peeved you can get them in Glasgow now... I liked only seein the occasional pair and knowing I wouldn't bump into them enmasse on Buchanan Street!

Make Do & Mend

Step away from the tartan....I've never recovered from 12 Glaswegian guys doing handstands in kilts one evening, put me off tartan for life


I live in NY and I just bought them from Viv's online shop They were 295 British pounds and I also didn't have to pay the VAT. They are under 300 pounds! (Not to tempt you too much). I got them in the yellow color, which is like a rich caramel. I know Sienna ruined them for all of us, but they still look cool on and are so comfortable!




Nothing makes my head turn more than a guy wearing a kilt... I take "discrete" pictures and swoon later. Am such a looser.
The pirate boots also make me swoon... I own a caramel pair and they are possibly the best investment I have ever made. Thankfully, they're a Vivienne Westwood classic so there's no rush!


Queen Michelle, coming from the States, may I ask where the British hanky cliche comes from?

Sister Wolf

Oh god, don't get me started on tartan. Nothing is more attractive to me than tartan. Please please jesus, give me tartan.

Have you seen the House of Holland tartan get-up at Browns? Or Viv's new bustle skirt?

Get those trousers, Queen Michelle!

Queen Michelle

Dina, in days of old, old British men used to put a hanky on their head when they went to the beach to protect them from the sun. It had knots at each corner and has become a cliche to represent an englishmen on holiday.
Sister Wolf, I just think I've had tartan overload being Scottish. But even I can be swayed.


i think you should go for it, who cares about cliches! i once saw a pair for like $70 aus from emily the strange but they weren't as nice.


LOVE the pirate boots!


Queen Michelle I have to ask for your advice. Would you say it´s better to buy a winter coat one size too big so you have more space to wear thin layers underneath? Or is this just silly. I just read it somewhere and I´m buying a gorgeous coat, but I wanted to know what you think. Thank you !


I'm with you, this look definitely works for me. I love the tough boots and trews with a one-shouldered girly top.


Queen Michelle

JH, depends on the coat really. Will you need layers to keep you warm? I have fallen victim to buying great coats which aren't thick enough so you end up having to wear layers, which is a pain if you want your jacket to be useful on a night out.
What I'm saying is, the best thing I reckon is to buy a perfectly fitting coat which is thick enough that you don't have to wear layers if you don't want to. A good fitting good shouldn't be too tight, unless it's very fitted. If it's very fitted then I suggest it isn't meant to worn with layers so will end up looking bulky if you size up. Most well fitting coats have room for a bit of thin layering.


Hi! Those boots are £295, I have the grey ones! They are an absolute dream to wear and are totally worth it, if they are over £300 in the shop you are getting a bum deal, on you can order them for £295. Its a real worthwhile investment if you ask me!! :D


Thank you so much Queen Michelle! The fittting thing was very useful. I´ll be spending winter in monteal so I´m getting ready with layers, coats, boots, extra socks etc...Thanks again.



I love this military style, really cool!

a kiss!

Little Miss Dress Up

love those boots!

Jenny H

i adoree these boots.
they are fantastic.

Prêt-à-Porter P

u know they do say if u lived through the trend the 1st time, dont do it again...


Happened to find those boots here too:

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