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Thursday, 31 July 2008





what u did was hella cool woman! It looks rather futuristic to me though, speshly with that star trek looking trousers!


You really need to start selling your work.




I love the second picture down, those tights set off your outfit a treat! xx


Sry for those comments.


Really and truly one of my favorite DIYs yet! And I agree with WendyB, you really should start selling your designs! If you have time to make them of seem like a pretty busy girl as it is!


Oh, those floral tights! Such a great contrast to the toughness of the top.

Prêt-à-Porter P

that top is cool. i esp like how it looks in the 2nd photo. i cant wait to see the new topshop trousers.


Ooh the Topshop trousers are perfect. I love your harness creation, especially with the skirt/dress in the first look. My boyfriend was a gladiator for Halloween last year and the top part of his outfit bears a huge resemblance to this. I'm thinking it prooobably wouldn't look quite as good though.


wow all of these looks are fantastic on you!! very avant-garde and tres chic! well done!
trade links??


Those Topshop trousers look great on you. Love all the outfits - especially the first!


I tryed to send you a message, but i have just got a new computer, so cant work it out!

But, i was wondering if you could put my blog on your list?


Thanks! JB

p.s i love your blog and love this DIY xxxxx

fawn lust

totally outrageous! but where are those blue trousers with the satiny inserts from?!

Queen Michelle

I shall add links tomorrow Danielle & JB
Fawn Lust the trews are from Jean Pierre Braganza.


those tights are gorgeous! where did they come from?

Sister Wolf

I agree, you should think about selling your designs. It would be a nice source of income to supplement your other work, & to enable more shopping.

You look beautiful.


I loved how you wore it in your second pic.
But it just looked odd in the rest of the pics.

I like how you went for the 'nearly-bondage' look. It's almost risqué in it's own right.


you are so inspiring! i have been so burnt out in my sewing studio making things for other people for so long...your blog is inspiring me to just relax, get inspired and have fun!

i love what you made here!


Oh - O love! Would you make one for me...? Seriously...


I would fight in a gladiatoral contest for those floral leggings...great looks!


Like Tara, I'd happily take on lions for the floral tights- the harness is so neat! (v. futuristic too, I agree on that point)

Lady Smaggle

I would LOVE a tutorial for this! It's fantastic!

Hannah Cheeto

Wow... that's amazing! I would love to see a tutorial as well!


so tough, and great w/the florals, but the cuff pants are very coveted - are they long?
and I agree with the rest, sell these!


love the top, so fitted and well-done.
I have to echo the others WHERE are those beautiful flower tights from? Please let it be a shop on the net?


You should be a fashion designer!!! Your ideas are ALL BRILLIANT!!!!!


I like how pieced this looks. The wide collar is my favorite part.


You're very clever. I always love to see what you make and those floral tights rock!

Queen Michelle

I don't think I could sell my DIY's as I'd be too mortified to show people my stitching!
The floral tights are from Celeste Stein, and Nicolav your prayers gave been answered because the shop is indeed online!
Fashionherald, the trousers are ankle length. They sit on my hips because they are slightly too big, so they might be a little shorter if they fitted around the waist.

Make Do & Mend

Fab posting and love the futuristic top - it is truly a clever piece and beats Gok Wan anyday of the week - you need a face off with him, wouldn't worry about your stiching.

lady coveted

oh my goodness.... that's such a beautiful piece! great work!

kirby Plumridge

Those floral tights are gorgeous

siti stereo

almost like Leeloo Dallas Multipass!!

Cupcakes and Cashmere

those floral tights are divine. love your blog, to trade links?


Who are the black mary-janes by?


The gladiator DIY is so fabulous - there's something a tiny bit pharaoh-ish about it too. The floral tights outfit is my favourite for the unexpectedness factor.


wow. this is the best and most professional diy i have ever seen. you should be designing professionally (are you?). the last outfit with the faaaaabulous cuffed trousers is unbelievable. wonderful!


Incredible DIY, it's simple & modern. Love the floral tights, where did you get those?


Uh, nice!
The floral tights are gorgeous.


You are very talented.

Will you ever sell your wares?

Queen Michelle

Danielle, I have been commissioned to make one for another blogger actually. I'm just charging for materials though, so technically I'm not selling it.
Whilst I have always harbored a secret desire to design strange accessories like this, I can't see me ever doing it properly - as a job I mean. I wouldn't know where to start, nor do I have the technical skills.

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