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Monday, 07 July 2008



I'm thinking the latex in the Balenciaga shoes won't come into play on high street shoes....but we can hope!

lady Smaggle

Oh yes! I missed the boat the first time around with pointy toes and I only own a few pairs but I've recently dug them out again and I must say that I'm loving them. They make my legs look TINY!


I kinda like how they look. But a pointed toe is more likely to make my foot bleed than a six inch heel, so they aren't my favourites.

lady coveted

oh honey... i love these, but my feet are just now starting to look normal after all those pointy shoes i wore. unfortunately, i never stopped wearing them until something happened to my feet a few months ago.

but then again, i walked for miles in them on the hills of san francisco... that could be the problem. yep, maybe it was the hills.


I love the colours, mixed materials and the fauna, but I am still bored of pointy shoes. But you led me to the Chloe website which had some fab studded boots.... not that I can afford any style!

Sister Wolf

My heart says YES! but my toes say OUCH!

Poster Girl

I've always favored pointy-toed heels, and unfortunately my feet have paid the price, but that somehow doesn't stop me from buying them. The purple Chloe pair is my favorite.


It's interesting that Chloe went so far in the opposite direction with the shoe looks. I really love how OTT they are.


I adore the leafy chloes. So perfect.

Katlin at Urple

I like those covered Balenciaga ones! I think that more attention needs to be given to the heels and the back of the shoe.

trend de la creme

I love any shoe more complicated than my first marriage. These are right up my alley!


Those are some intense shoes.


They’re are adorable

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