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Saturday, 12 July 2008



i love candy floss, and that pink outfit also!
gosh, the first shoes (or whatever they are) are downright ugly...


oh my, those boots are really hideous! they may be new and novel and all that, but still! they're ugly! :x


I agree, the first part of the collection looks really unflattering. The shoes are terrible. The colors are really boring too. The pink tights are cool but the actual pink dress is Awful! Thanks for the info on the cotton candy :)


You must get your money's worth, so it is indeed wise to ask for the Queen Marie-sized portion.


will we enjoy your outfit with pretty pink tights??? i hope so...


Er....I really like the Clydesdale boots, actually.

Prêt-à-Porter P

usu givenchy's shoes are dead on, but these hmm...not liking at all


I've got to admit, the jacket on the first outfit, even the combination of textures between the jacket and the dress strikes me as a little bit Queen Michelle!


Ops, I kinda like the first look, even the horse-like boots...don't tell anyone!

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