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Monday, 23 June 2008



I love it! I love how it has a block shape from afar but up closer has so many different textures


holy ker-moly. awesome - punk swan lake


Gorgeous!! I really like it a lot.

Angela Sinnett

Outrageously fabulous... You are a girl of my own heart. Sydney is quite boring on the fashion map and i do like to create a little bit of entertainment out on the street... Can't wait to wear my new black sequin leggings out this weekend... Hmmm do I wear the matching beret???... Love your style and you are a true inspiration babe...

Ang xxx


That is beyond cool - like an edgy ballet dancer gone nuts. I love it :)

Pretty In Black

Your photos are always fabulous but the first one here is especially editorial worthy. I love the masculine hat with the whimsical skirt. Your pose is perfect.


Oh My God. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Good job!


You have probably seen these already. But I saw these and thought of you:


Sorry link dosen't work. They are PATRIK RZEPSKI stockings on twosee


It's beautiful!


Wow its fabulous! I love it! Its an alternative tutu.


wow! I love it even more than the shirt!!!


Amazing, totally worth all the time and effort and your styling of it is brilliant. I'd love to see how the poeple of glasgow would react if you wear to wear it out during the day.

pretty face

I love that you spent so long to it - the care that went into it seems to add to the beauty.

So creative!

Make Do & Mend

Crikey - sore fingers indeed but what a result!
Amazing and yes I get the understated element when paired with vest top. Truly elegant.


AMAZING!I can't believe how well it turned out. Definitley worth the harrd work!


Love it! This is exactly what i pictured, when I first read about your plans for a skirt. I'm pretty sure, I am going to spend a summer day copying this..


Egads!!!! I love it!!!! you are a genius!!!!!


Amazing, it looks really soft and dreamy. Great job!


omg this is insanely cool!


I. Love. This. So. Much.!!


stunning, just going crazy about your ability to take pics, and of course your diy greatness!


So much fun! In a practical sense, I imagine it's also nice and soft to sit on when you're taking a break from dancing. :)


You look like a modern day faun. Oh, now I am so tempted to try it for myself!


Oh my god that is so amazing looking! I am actually speechless.


i'm thinking of doing this... but the thing with shower flowers is that they tend to unravel after a bit in the shower. don't mind if i ask but how do you wash the ruffle skirt and top, and did you sew it in a certain way to make sure it doesn't unravel?

Queen Michelle

I unravel them first then basically gather them in the same way you would to make ordinary ruffles, then stitch them on in rows or, in the case of the shirt, in swirls. I haven't washed either yet but I plan on soaking them in the bath with some washing powder then drying them flat.

fawn lust

it looks AMAZING!

do you feel weird when people who read your blog run out and copy your wonderful diy projects? I really want to make my own version of this skirt, even though I'm chronically incapable with any sort of sewing. your style is crazy inspiring.



lady coveted

lovely! and what's best about it is that you can wear it to a pool party and offer to exfoliate nice people.

Lady Winona

Oh my GOD it's amazing! As are you, Queeny. Also, Lady Coveted has a good point.

Everybody Says Don't

I love it! If you ever want to make another one - I will pay good money....!! It's sublime!


just brillant!!!



This may be my solution to creating the purse from the Light & Fantastic editoral that Miss Bubble talked about -



@lady coveted: haha, jennine, that is truly a good idea (and gros at the same time):-)
but, michelle, this is really a wonderful skirt. what a work it must have been!?


I how love thee... let me count the ways. Over the top and above amazing! I must attempt to try this.


This looks amazing! You really outdid yourself this time Queenie. Here's to you! And by the way, Bubbles was an amazing part of Ab Fab. Her incoherent babble carried certain scenes. . .


The skirt is beautiful. I love the t-shirt too.


i love it!


Absolutely stunning and very inspiring. I am in awe of your creativity and sewing skills :0)

You should enter Project Catwalk!!


this skirt has such intricate detail in the stitching... made for a luxaholic!!! I would love this for a night on the town!

la principessa emicrania

i have to say i was a bit reluctant about the shirt, but the skirt version is woooooow...
pity i'm so lazy and impatient, i couldn't have ever done something like that!
and hey...the first pic is creepy. and i mean in a freaking good way.

Lady Smaggle

Holy crap. I have to make one now. The skirt is AWESOME! How much did it end up costing you?

Prêt-à-Porter P



I love love love it! Is it comfortable to wear (and sit down in)? And as for looking like Bubble from Ab Fab, what's the problem with that? She's wonderful!!



It is the most fantastic thing I've ever seen.

You've outdone yourself.


Fabulous. I like it with the orangey tights.


I've just put it on CQ, it's gorgeous. I'm steeling myself for an eight hour sewing marathon, I can't live without one of those skirts!

Queen Michelle

Thanks or the skirt appreciation. I'm surprised there are no "ewww, are you serious?!" kind of comments.
Fawn Lust - I think it's cool if people want to make one as at least I'd know I'm not the only person who would go out wearing shower loofahs!
Lady Smaggle, I needed 10 flowers so that was £5 plus £3 for the fabric for the skirt, so £8 in total.
Isabelle, prepare for some swollen fingers! My index finger is still sore.


this is seriously one of the most successful DIYs i've seen in the blogosphere! i'm so impressed with the graphic, editorial-style effect. i love how it's so frilly and fluffy, yet the actually shape of the skirt is a very graphic box-like structure so there's a real contrast. the outfits you've put together are great, too. wish i had the skills/patience to make one!

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