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Saturday, 14 June 2008



Ooh, I love Babastudioprague's work- I was about to do a post on their 'fairy' bag but now you've posted on them...
The link to their Etsy shop is this one.

Queen Marie

You still should! the more posts about those lovely bags the better.
Would you mind if I posted about that unbelievable bed you found? I want it more than words can say *weeping softly*


Dear Queen Marie

Of course you can and should post about the bed! It's the kind of bed I would absolutely insist on having in my dream house, if price was no object..and I shall do my own post about the bag :)


Very pretty. I can't resist a pansy.

pretty face

How exciting - Drusilla was about to do a post and I did one about a week ago:

I feel very priveliged actually, I always marvel at your spectacular finds QM :)

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