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Saturday, 14 June 2008



aah i love vintage-style bikes so much, they make me so happy! once a month in cambridge, a boat sails up the river cam loaded with vintage bikes from amsterdam for about forty quid each, it's such a treat..

Everybody Says Don't

Love them! (Mmmm ginger beer!)


What lovely bikes, I must remember to tell a friend of mine, she's been looking for a bike like that for a long time.

Make Do & Mend

I've been a proud owner of a Princess Soverign for nearly a year and I can't not tell you how much joy I get from cycling around on it. It's my best accessory and I live out many a film role whilst on it!

Fashion Hayley Tokyo

Wowzers those are some beautiful bicycles, its a shame about the price. In Japan you can get similar bikes for less than $100, then I go back to Australia and the minimum price for a half decent bike is $400. Why is the west so anti-bike and pro car?


I miss LLG! I can so picture her on that bike (even though I don't really know what she looks like)...

Jessica Rae

Oh, I love the names of the bikes! I think every proper bike should be given a nice name. When I was very little, my pink and aqua bike was donned 'The Seashell Princess'! Silly, yes. But I loved her.


Now I want to go on a picnic.

Stylist Stuff

I love bikes with baskets - I used to have one in Montreal but people always used to leave litter in it :(

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