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Monday, 30 June 2008


Make Do & Mend

I'm thinking an Al Pacino Scarface tee shirt worn with said tights might make them avert thier eyes allowing you to strut your funky stuff


it's such a shame that people can be so small minded! when I lived in Newcastle (my home town) it was exactly the same unfortunately, people just couldn't get their heads around anyone who looked different! and we're only talking patterned tights here, but it was as if I had two heads! and I'm not opposed to people having a look or doing a double take...but it's the whispering, laughter or pointing that I think is just plain rude!
But when i moved to London it really was like a breathe of fresh air...I can wear whatever I want and NO_ONE bats an eyelind!

Lady Smaggle

Whoa we had the same day! Although my object of discrimination was a humble turban...


Yep, i used to wear them to sixth form college. It never ceased to amaze me how many people found striped tights shocking. They really aren't all that bizarre at the end of the day.


i just can't understand this kind of thing. it would never cross my mind to make such comments, i just find it so bewildering. people are bound to make judgements in their own minds, that's only natural, but the fact that they would be so offended by what someone else chooses to wear that they would feel the need to verbalise it? the mind boggles. dublin is a big one for that. and i hate that it sometimes affects how i dress in the morning, but you're right, it usually has the opposite effect and makes me want to flaunt my style even more.


Oh, it's not just there. Tights of any kind of stripe or color get the same surprised reactions here in the US.

It always amazed me because it's just a color change. If I wore black ones there are no comments.

People are odd. And don't like to break out of their very defined comfort zone I guess.



This takes me back a few years to when my Goth gear used to get lots of "It's not Halloween is it, huh huh" type comments. It was the lack of originality of the comments that annoyed me. If it was actually something funny, I would laugh and appreciate the banter!


I've seen these all over blogs too, and now I must have a pair! I don't understand why people made such a fuss about it either.. They're just striped tights? Damn cute striped tights, as a matter of fact? It's incomprehensible, some people are just.. closed minded.


Good Grief! A pair of grey tights round my neck of the woods attracts nasty comments, and pink ones just down-right-obvious tares! God knows what stripy ones would do! Why are people so narrow minded??


I for one love those tights! Thankfully, I live in a big city and can wear anything I want (it helps that my school has no dress code.) As a matter of fact, Susie did get hers from Sock Dreams, and I was disappointed when I found this out, because I really wanted them to be tights.


Sock Dreams is one of my favorite hosiery sites--their styles are always really great. The O Chevrons in charcoal are my favorite. :)

Sister Wolf

It is obviously your calling to be an Eyesore. As our friend Kafka said, Art is an axe to break the frozen sea within.

If your beauty shocks people, you are doing them a favor. They should be thanking you!


dunno dude. i have that pair in the red/black but haven't worn them as anything but socks yet (over some two years). even the tiny bit peeking out under pants has gotten noticed though. i like to blame my boring middle class suburb locale for my lack of bravery with this shit.


I've had similar responses to my white tights with black polka dots..
and even with plain white tights and pink ones!

This really surprised me since this happened in Paris where I thought people had more shocking things to turn their heads for.

I even get stares for my cropped haircut here.. it's a little annoying


Queen Michelle,
You need to come to New York! Not only will no one snicker at you, you will look positively mainstream! And Scott the Sartorialist or Bill Cunningham no doubt wil photograph you! We appreciate individuality in style, and nothing at all raises eyebrows.


Hehe, I currently live in a city where everyone tries to demonstrate how cool they are by how blasé they are, so it was a bit of a shock to go to the rougher areas of Sydney recently, wearing a bright red ruffled sixties dress and receive a lot of not-so-subtle stares and nudges. I countered this with a wave and cheeky smile and people usually started laughing, caught out. I'm lucky Australians are generally easy-going :)

Anyway, hello! I don't think I've commented before - this is a gorgeous blog (and cause I like rhyming, you've also got a gorgeous dog!)

Poster Girl

I think it's great that you have the confidence to wear what you want. Without people like you, everyone would look the same. I can't believe that some people can be so rude as to snicker and make insulting comments. May you enjoy your striped tights...and who knows, maybe you'll see some people who catch on and get inspired by your style.


if i saw a gal wearing such adorable striped tights i would most likely ask where she got them.

but some people will always be narrow-minded about these things, and i don't think that's going to change anytime soon. we can't let them get us down though, and to repeat what you said, "All these people do is make me more determined to wear them". AGREED! (:


I love that you commented on those 40 year old guys :)
Yesterday I showed up at the office dressed head to toes in shocking pink. Whenever people saw me I got big eyes and a "My, are you looking flashy today" (Geez, nice to know your eyes are still working). To which I had to reply "And you're wearing a striped/checkered shirt like every other day of the year I see". It is, like you said, an encouragement to keep doing my thing, I would never ever want to sink into the grey, non-tight-wearing masses.

Lady Winona

Those silly peasants have to learn to think twice before insulting a QUEEN! For goodness sakes...


It's too bad people miss the point.


Pah, those wet fish have nothing on you- though I love the fact that you're determined to wear them again BECAUSE it seems to piss people off so much (tights? seriously!)- they really are brilliant tights.
PS: I think Selina from Flying Saucer had vertical-stripy tights too, hers (I'm not entirely sure) are from Oasis.


i just don't get it, don't these people watch lots of tv? haven't they seen SATC, or at least the posters? music videos? anything?

Mona Lisa

You girls rock. Keep up your uniqueness. I think lots of people are 'trained' to be narrow-minded by controlling parents ordering kids to 'get changed !','wear that' so they satisfy the parents own ideals of beauty etc. instaed of letting them be free to make choices. Your confidence is inspirational.


those tights look totally bitchin.
i would so kill to find a pair of those in the states.

Queen Michelle

Meglet - both these came from US sites! Just google Celeste Stein and Sock Dreams and they shall be yours!


I bought some stripey socks inspired by Susie too! I think hers where from sock dreams as well, but I got mine at Mine are knee-highs but they're stretchy enough to go higher.
I'd love to see how you wear yours!


It is a sad but constant modern phenomenon that we are constantly told to look 'unique' and 'diffrerent', when what is actually meant is 'conform to this new daring trend'. The tights are superb, and I'm glad that your reaction to these people's idiocy was exasperation and not any form of self-doubt or embarrassment.



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