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Wednesday, 28 May 2008



Now, they're not going to keep your feet dry now are they ??(wagging finger) Loving the JonnyDeppisWillyWonka sunglasses though.


Cool glasses!


The sunglasses are really amazing :-)

pretty face

Argh no I'm not spamming your comments, please delete previous comment!!

Also, if you want to merge this with the first one, if you can! that would be cool. So... yep I was right, there are better pictures on the fashion spot:


I'd definitely have thought of you if I'd seen these shoes anywhere but on your blog. They're very YOU.


I love them shoes especially the first pair!
Chanel 5018's are the ultimate round glasses, i want them so much!


Michelle, where can I get Sophia Kokosalaki's shoes? I live in NYC and you would think that I could find her here. I even emailed the web site but got no reply. I have been loving her bondagy shoe styles for years. They are gorgeous!!


Those are very cool shoes but I can foretell uncomfortable wet leather straps and red lines on chilly feet...


Hope your tights don't have a hole...


Ohhh, yummy! I checked out her website and saw those fab dropped crotch shorts and "pedal pushers".... I think I know what my back dated pay rise will be blown on. You're a bad influence you are!

Simone alias Charlotte from Munichstyle

Cute things! I'm really in the mood of ordering the silver glasses, but I'm afraid, my credit card will say no.


Can shoes get any cooler these days?!!!
they're too hot!

lady coveted

you're killing me with these shoes!!!


way back in college, i used to study in a university somewhere in Manila that is infamous for its floods.I have no choice but to trade my maryjanes for another pair of shoes that could endure such situation. So I traded them for a cool pair of ankle boots.
Walking through the rain was never a problem as well as swishing through those horrible floods. Who would have thought that somehow that experience was actually 'liberating'.

somehow looking at those shoes, i get to have that feeling that i experience that feeling again, rain or shine. ;)


love the shoes and definitely love the willy wonka glasses!!


J'adore ces chaussures ! c'est tellement original !

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Just one question: how to add your blog into my rrs reader, thanks so much.

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